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Carton compression testing machine test process

carton compression testing machine plays a very important role in carton detection, and the test results can be used as an important reference for the height of finished product packaging boxes stacked in the factory. Determine the compression resistance of cartons, and do the test of pressure holding stacking. Carton compression test 1. What is the test method of quality inspection machine? Let's have a look

the process and basic methods of correctly trying out the carton compression testing machine for product testing

first, determine the standard of carton safety, pressure resistance and stacking quality index

the above two indicators can be obtained through the public declining cost formula, and the determination of indicators varies depending on the domestic and export sales and storage period. Under special circumstances, if the carton is supported by its contents, the appropriate anti pressure index value can be determined according to the actual situation, and the quality index of stacking must be determined by the formula

II. Test the pretreatment state:

pretreat the carton under the standard test state for 24h (generally, carton users can unconditionally go to an authoritative and impartial testing agency for testing) and retest it to make the moisture of the carton reach a dynamic equilibrium state

III. precautions for sample extraction:

in the trial production stage of new products, the strength of the sample after printing and die-cutting is about% different from that of non printing and die-cutting, so the state of the sample and batch products should be basically consistent

the sampling of batch products should comply with the principle of statistical probability. After years of practical experience, six samples should be selected from three different packages to reduce the risk of misjudgment

result judgment:

if one of the carton force values detected under the standard state is lower than the anti pressure index, the batch of cartons can be judged to be unqualified

the above methods are summarized by Kunshan Haida instrument professionals based on their experience. They are highly operable. They are of great benefit to improve work efficiency and effectively evaluate the bottom of the stacking test. The company also cooperates with a number of leading resin companies and some ultimate users, which is higher than the ground. You may wish to try

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