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Adhesive tape test method and related product standards

adhesive tape test method and related product standards

adhesive tape test method

GB/t2792 1998 pressure sensitive adhesive tape 180 degree peel strength test method

GB/t4850 2002 pressure sensitive adhesive tape low speed unwinding strength determination

clamping is more firm; With special release paste GB/t4851 1998 test method for holding adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes

GB/t4852 2002 test method for initial adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes (rolling ball method)

GB/t7125 1999 test method for thickness of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and adhesive tapes

GB/t7752 1987 test method for power frequency breakdown strength of insulating adhesive tapes

GB/t7753 1987 test method for tensile properties of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes

GB/t7754 1987 test method for shear strength of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes (adhesive face back)

GB/t14517 1993 test method for power frequency voltage resistance of insulating tapes

GB/t15330 1994 test method for water permeability of pressure sensitive tapes

GB/t15331 1994 test method for water vapor transmission of pressure sensitive tapes

GB/t15333 1994 test method for live corrosion of adhesives for insulation

GB/t15903 1995 test method for fire resistance of pressure sensitive tapes hanging method

GB/t17875 1999 accelerated aging test method of pressure sensitive tapes

Product standard

gb19340 2003 rubber for shoes and bags (3) risk of damage when reinstalling the original parts; Adhesive

gjb1087 1991 room temperature curing high temperature inorganic adhesive

hg/t2187 1991 sesbania gum

hg/t2188 1991 adhesive for rubber rs

hg/t2189 1991 adhesive for rubber re

hg/t2190 1991 adhesive for rubber rh

hg/T adhesive for rubber a

Hg/t2405 1992 vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer lotion adhesive

hg/t2406 2002 pressure sensitive adhesive label paper

hg/t2407 1992 electrical insulation Polyester pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

hg/t2408 1992 kraft paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

hg/t2492 1993a ethyl cyanoacrylate instant adhesive

hg/t2727 1995 polyvinyl acetate lotion wood adhesive

hg/t2814 1996 general polyester polyurethane adhesive

hg/t2885 1997 polypropylene pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for packaging

hg/t3318 2002 natural rubber adhesive for repair

hg/t3318 2002 596 1999 poly for electrical insulation Vinyl chloride pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

hg/t3658 1999 double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

hg/t3659 1999 chloroprene adhesive for fast bonding conveyor belt

hg/t3697 2002 hot melt adhesive for textiles

hg/t3698 2002eva hot melt adhesive

jc/t438 1991 (1996) Water soluble polyvinyl formal adhesive

jc/t547 1994 ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive

jc/t548 1994 wallpaper adhesive

jc/t549 1994 ceiling adhesive

jc/T550 1994 semi rigid PVC block plastic floor adhesive

jc/t636 1996 wood floor adhesive

jc/T polymer waterproof coiled material adhesive

jc/t887 2001 epoxy adhesive for dry hanging stone curtain wall

Ly/t1206 1997 chloroprene rubber adhesive for woodworking

ly/t1601 2002 water-based polymer isocyanate wood adhesive

qb/t2568 2002 solvent based adhesive for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) plastic piping system

v. other relevant standards

gb/t14732 1993 urea formaldehyde, phenolic resin Melamine formaldehyde resin

gb18583 2001 limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials

gb18587 200 Bayer recently announced the appointment of Richard Pott as chairman of the board of supervisors of Bayer materials technology (BMS) 1 interior decoration materials carpet Emission limit of harmful substances in carpet liner and carpet adhesive

gjb1480 1992 specification for foamed structural adhesive for aluminum honeycomb core splicing

gjb2356 1995 specification for heat-resistant adhesive for aircraft metal structure bonding

jb/t5098 1991 technical conditions for paper engine oil filter cartridge adhesive of internal combustion engine

sj/t11187 1998 General specification for adhesive for surface assembly

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