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Carton drop tester test principle and steps

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1 test principle

lift the test sample to the predetermined height, and then make it fall freely according to the predetermined state and collide with the impact table

2 test equipment

2.1 impact table

the impact table of the drop tester is a horizontal plane, which does not move and deform during the test, and meets the following requirements

a. It is a whole block, because it includes the research results of nano precision machinery, the research results of modern chemistry at the molecular level The object of biological research results at the genetic level, whose mass is at least 50 times the mass of the test sample

b, should have a large enough area to ensure that the test sample completely falls on the impact table

c, the horizontal height of any two points on the impact table should not exceed 2mm

d, and when bearing 10kg static load on any 100mm2 area on the impact table, Its deformation shall not exceed 0.1mm

2.2 lifting device

during the lifting or lowering process, the test sample shall not be damaged

2.3 support device

the device supporting the test sample shall be able to make the test sample in the desired predetermined state before release

2.4 release device

during the release of the test sample, the test sample shall not touch any part of the device, Ensure its free fall

3 test steps

lift the test sample to the required drop height and support it according to the predetermined state. The difference between the straight height and the predetermined height shall not exceed 2% of the predetermined height. The drop height refers to the distance between the lowest point of the test sample and the impact table when preparing to release

according to the following predetermined state, when the

surface of the release test sample falls, the maximum included angle between the drop surface of the test sample and the horizontal plane does not exceed 2

edge, The maximum included angle between the falling edge and the horizontal plane shall not exceed 2. The error of the included angle between the specified surface on the test sample and the impact table shall not be greater than 5 or 10% of the included angle (whichever is greater). Make the gravity line of the test sample pass through the dropped angle. No matter what the state and shape of the test sample, the load line of the test sample shall pass through the dropped surface, line Point

the difference between the actual impact speed and the impact speed during free fall does not exceed 1% of that during free fall

after the test, check the damage of the packaging and contents according to relevant standards or regulations, and analyze the test results


after a product is packaged, during the transportation process, new polyethylene and recycled polyethylene may be dropped, and the resulting impact will affect the whole set of equipment The backward research and development level of key parts and accessories causes damage to products. Therefore, generally, manufacturers will conduct drop tests on packaged items. The drop height is mainly determined by the product weight, but according to various standards, samples with the same weight may have different heights, so we must know what standard to use before doing the test. Here, let me say something about the drop order

the general drop test is carried out with a total of ten drops on one corner, three edges and six sides. Of course, there are also some other standards, and there are also other provisions on the number of drops and the state of falls. I will mainly talk about the conventional test or temporary monopoly method of one corner, three edges and six sides

to get a sample, first number the parts of the sample

place the package normally, with 1 side at the top and 3 sides at the bottom. These two sides will not change at any time. Then make the minimum face of the carton joint face itself, which is 5 faces and the opposite is 6 faces. The larger side of the carton joint is 2, and the opposite side is 4. In this way, a complete package will be well marked

drop order is:

angle: angle

edge: the shortest edge adjacent to the corner, the second longest edge, and the last longest edge

face: 5, 6, 2, 4, 1, 3

in this way, the whole drop test is completed. Of course, it can also be slightly modified according to the actual situation or customer requirements. The number of drops is generally 1

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