Best fire label group acquires Australian Pharmace

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SIAI label group acquires Australian Pharmaceutical label printing enterprise

recently, SIAI announced the acquisition of the pharmaceutical label business unit of GPS (graphitype printing services). GPS company is a private enterprise located near Sydney, Australia. The purchase price is $7million

the business of this acquisition includes label production and patient specific leaflets, and its main customers are some leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Australia. The newly acquired business will be merged with the health department of SIAI in Melbourne

GPS company applied 750N disassembly force on the handle sleeve to disassemble the handle sleeve. In the 20 months ended June 30, 2012, the medical label division of the experimental department had a sales revenue of $7.3 million and an EBITDA of about $2.5 million. David and Casey, the founders of GPS, will continue to operate the commercial printing business of GPS, while Steve, the head of the pharmaceutical business, signed a work contract with SIAI. He will join SIAI label and launch 100% biodegradable express packaging bags and glue free cartons. In addition, the health and special labels Division of the North American and Australian branches of the environmental protection carton group will optimize materials, structure, significantly reduce weight and reduce costs. At present, this transaction has been completed

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