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Aiming at intelligent manufacturing to help high-quality development, scan the code, place an order immediately, and the automatic production line composed of multiple robotic arms runs immediately. In just a few minutes, a customized module will be made offline

in the survey of promoting high-quality development in Guangdong, the production scene displayed by an intelligent manufacturing production line in the exhibition hall of Guangdong tostar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as tostar) attracted everyone's attention

in fact, it is not just tostar. Intelligent manufacturing is active in many manufacturing enterprises visited during this trip

According to Ma Xingrui, deputy secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and governor of Guangdong Province, to achieve high-quality development, the most important thing for Guangdong is to grasp the real economy with manufacturing as the main body. Guangdong has always insisted on building a province with manufacturing, accelerated the development of strategic new year sales to 500000 vehicles, and seized the commanding height of industrial development

actively cultivating world-class advanced manufacturing clusters such as robots, electronic information, and smart appliances is one of the important measures for Guangdong to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading and build a modern industrial system that supports high-quality development

tostar, located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, is an enterprise mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of industrial robots. In the robot assembly and testing workshop of tostar, a line of robots are undergoing pre delivery testing

through the intelligent production and manufacturing system displayed in the large screen on the wall, the production progress of the equipment testing workshop can be seen at a glance

flexible manipulator is like a human arm, which can replace manual operation in multiple production and manufacturing links such as injection molding. Zhang Peng, general manager of tostar's key customer business department, said

in the past, industrial robots were mainly used in some large manufacturing enterprises. With the weakening of the demographic dividend, many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises have increasingly urgent needs for robots

at the same time, through the breakthroughs in the whole supply chain and servo drive technology, the prices of a series of robots developed by tostar are also constantly decreasing

Zhang Peng, for example, said that the price of one of the robot devices has been reduced from more than 50000 yuan at the earliest to more than 20000 yuan now, greatly shortening the return cycle of users and winning the favor of many small and medium-sized enterprises

strong market demand has led to the continuous growth of revenue performance. To Zhang Peng's delight, tostar's revenue has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 40% since 2016. In the future, they will also focus on increasing R & D investment in industrial sensors, standard process equipment and other fields

industrial robot manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province, including tostar, are constantly developing and expanding, and occupy cities and territories in the robot market. Statistics show that in 2018, the output of industrial robots in Guangdong province accounted for about 1/5 of the country

develop industrial interconnection

encourage enterprises to go on cloud platforms

from receiving customer orders to offline delivery of air conditioning products, how soon can it be completed? The answer given by Midea Group is high accuracy for 3 days

with the application of robots and industrial interconnection platforms, the delivery cycle of Midea air conditioners has been shortened from the previous 22 days to an average of 9 days. After receiving the order, it can be delivered as soon as 3 days. Zhao pan, project manager of industrial interconnection of Nansha factory of Midea Group, said

in the workshop of Nansha factory, flexible machine handbags take most of the labors on the production line. As the benchmark of Midea smart factory, the automation rate of Nansha factory has reached 65%. At present, the production automation rate of air conditioning industry is generally 30%

here, it is not just a simple machine replacement. On the large screen of the plant intelligent control center, the detailed data of the production link is displayed in real time. Chen Bincheng, the post-90s information Engineer, sat in front of the computer, analyzing and judging the changed data

in Zhao Pan's view, engines such as industrial interconnection big data in Nansha plant area will be used in aventador's replacement model center, which is like a central brain. It can not only grasp the dynamics of material preparation, production and other links in real time, but also further optimize and guide production and improve efficiency by re analyzing the collected data

Nansha plant is one of the pilot plants for the industrial interconnection platform mioT developed by Midea. Zhang Xiaoyi, vice president and CIO of Midea Group, introduced that using this platform, the channel inventory was reduced by 32%, the trial production and trial production cycle was reduced by 45%, and the comprehensive manufacturing efficiency was increased by 15%

the changes brought about by the application of industrial interconnection are obvious, which is one of the powerful driving forces to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. In order to encourage more enterprises to embrace industrial interconnection, Guangdong Province took the lead in issuing a series of policies and measures across the country, including the implementation plan of Guangdong Province to deepen interconnection + develop industrial interconnection in advanced manufacturing industry, and several supporting policies of Guangdong Province to support enterprises to go to the cloud and level up, and everyone can rest assured to understand Taiwan's accelerating the development of industrial interconnection (2018, 2020)

according to the plan, by 2020, Guangdong Province will cultivate and form 20 strong and domestic leading industrial interconnection platforms and 200 leading industrial interconnection service providers in technology and mode; We will promote 10000 industrial enterprises to use new technologies and models of industrial interconnection to implement digitalization, networking and intelligent upgrading, drive 200000 enterprises to go on cloud platforms, and further reduce the cost of information construction

with the support of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection, what kind of colorful chapter will Guangdong's manufacturing industry write on the journey of high-quality development in the future? Let's wait and see

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