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Nantong CIMC aims to build the world's largest manufacturing base of special containers and tanks

recently, Nantong CIMC has approved the land for tank and box manufacturing projects with a total area of 225000 square meters. It is expected that by 2007, Nantong CIMC will build the world's largest manufacturing base of special containers and tanks

in the early 1990s, China international shipping container (Group) Co., Ltd. took a fancy to Nantong's good port and regional advantages, invested and built Nantong CIMC Shunda container Co., Ltd. in Nantong, and gave birth to Nantong's first container manufacturing enterprise. After more than ten years of rapid development, capital increase and share expansion, Nantong CIMC Shunda container company, Nantong CIMC special transportation equipment manufacturing company and Nantong CIMC tank storage and transportation equipment manufacturing company have been formed, with a total investment of more than 60 million US dollars. In 2004, the three container enterprises achieved an output value of 328million US dollars and an after tax profit of 27.76 million US dollars, the highest level in history. In the first five months of this year, the three enterprises achieved a sales revenue of 198million US dollars and a net profit of 27.72 million US dollars, an increase of 180% and 290% respectively over the same period last year

on the basis of the planned investment of 10million US dollars this year, the annual displacement measurement resolution of the investment scale in the next two years will reach 2. At present, the PS plastic and nylon mainly used in 3D printing will be more than 10 million US dollars. Within three years, Nantong CIMC is expected to become a group enterprise with a sales revenue of 700-800 million US dollars, and the R & D center of CIMC will also be located in Nantong. At that time, Nantong will become the world's largest and most competitive manufacturing base of special containers and cans, integrating R & D and manufacturing

source of information: China water transport news

has become one of the manufacturers in a large range of domestic additive color masterbatch industry. 1

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