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Jiangsu launched a special investigation on indoor pollution in response to the "regulatory vacuum"

Jiangsu launched a special investigation on indoor pollution in response to the "regulatory vacuum"

July 17, 2007

[China paint information] the large-scale indoor environmental pollution around the people has not been included in the government's regulatory vision for a long time! This is the information learned from the recent preparatory committee meeting of Jiangsu Association for environmental pollution prevention and control on the high utilization rate of functional composites in indoor areas such as aircraft fuselage, combustion system and other important utilization fields

not optimistic, there is also pollution in the blank room

the higher the hardness in the process of use, how to eliminate faults and ensure the good operation of the machine

after experiencing the harm of "noise pollution" and "photochemical smoke pollution", the human settlements are currently suffering from the third pollution, mainly "indoor air pollution". Some figures show that at present, the utilization rate of household green environmental protection products is less than 0.03%, 92.3% of households lack a correct understanding of decoration pollution, and more than 70% of households have decoration pollution exceeding the standard

according to the preliminary investigation of the Preparatory Committee, the indoor environmental pollution is highlighted in the following aspects: first, the indoor air pollution of new houses is serious, and some developers use cement mortar mixed with adhesives and coatings that do not meet the environmental protection requirements on the interior wall painting out of consideration of cost saving; Second, indoor decoration causes serious air pollution exceeding the standard, of which the use of a large number of polluting materials is the main reason; Third, indoor pollution is becoming increasingly prominent. In the face of fierce market competition, manufacturers continue to reduce interior costs, resulting in increased pollution

At the meeting, Xu Gangxi, director of the Preparatory Committee of the association and vice president of the Provincial Association of Environmental Sciences, revealed that from the national to local level, it has not been clear which administrative department is responsible for indoor environmental problems. Indoor environmental pollution has become a "no one cares, no supervision, no one is responsible" three no blank

although indoor pollution occurs from time to time, it is difficult to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the injured parties. The reasons are: first, there is no rule to follow; Second, the links involved are complex, such as materials, products, construction, decoration, household facilities, sales and use and many other factors; Third, there are still many uncertain factors in the medical identification and identification of the consequences of infringement, and the causal relationship is difficult to infer and identify; Fourth, the subjective fault, fault and damage facts and consequences of the infringer are very difficult to identify and obtain evidence because of the imperfect standards, norms and monitoring; Fifth, it is difficult for the parties to know, the information is extremely asymmetric, and the conditions and channels for obtaining evidence are not yet available; Sixth, involving environmental protection, construction, quality supervision, industry and commerce, medical and judicial authorities, it is difficult to complain, even more difficult to litigate, and even more difficult to safeguard rights

non governmental organizations, explore regulatory paths

relevant experts pointed out that for this serious harm to people's health, we need to carry out some major requirements for some coherent testing requirements. The top priority is to actively act from the height of the rule of law. For example, can we require mandatory indoor environmental testing after decoration? At this stage, residents are willing to test at their own expense for self-protection. It is reported that several deputies to the National People's Congress in Jiangsu have jointly proposed a proposal to formulate the Jiangsu indoor environmental pollution prevention and control regulations as soon as possible

the Preparatory Committee of Jiangsu Association for the prevention and control of indoor environmental pollution, established on June 28, was jointly initiated by the Provincial Association of Environmental Sciences, the provincial consumers' Association, the provincial quality association, the provincial interior decoration Association, and the residential and real estate promotion center of the Provincial Department of construction. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge announced that from July 1 to September 1, the investigation activities of indoor environmental conditions will be carried out throughout the province, and consumers can sign up through the center. If the test result is unqualified, the association will coordinate and urge businesses to eliminate pollution or make necessary compensation to consumers. In the second half of the year, they are also preparing to implement relief activities for victims of indoor pollution

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