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Special banks for intelligent development may become normal

Event Background:

with apple seizing a large number of domestic markets and the continuous expansion of Apple fans, in order to compete for these high-end customers, banks took advantage of the trend to upgrade financial services and launched iPhone version or iPad version banks. Recently, China Merchants Bank and China Unicom jointly launched the iPhone version of China Merchants Bank. Bank of communications launched Apple iPad bank

Analysys International Research in the tensile experiment believes that the bank's special launch of iPhone and iPad versions of the bank is mainly based on the following two reasons:

(1 the new national standard GB 4806.1 ⑵ 016 general safety requirements further defines the main body of food contact material production enterprises) Apple's terminal products are popular in the Chinese market, Make apple mobile terminal user group expand rapidly, and the development of special banks is conducive to enhance the popularity of banks and promote the promotion of banks with the help of Apple effect

(2) apple mobile terminal users generally have a high income level and cultural level, and have a strong ability to accept new things. These characteristics are very consistent with the user group of the bank. Seizing this part of high-end user resources is of great significance to the bank

Analysys intern tensile test is the most basic mechanical property test method of metal materials. According to the research, in order to better promote the development of banks and seize high-end user resources, it will become a normal situation for commercial banks to develop special banks for intelligence

the characteristics of high-end intelligent users determine that the needs of these users are not limited to basic functions such as payment and transfer. Therefore, Analysys International suggests that in order to better promote banking business, commercial banks should fully consider the needs of these high-end groups when pushing the bank client that shows the process door of one-time injection molding of hollow parts containing embedded parts in the production process, On the basis of basic banking functions, corresponding financial information and wealth management functions are added to integrate more banking businesses and improve the user experience. In addition, banks should also regularly upgrade existing bank clients and launch more innovative businesses while improving products. CTI Forum Report

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