The hottest target is women's drink bottles

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A 275ml single specification Dutch beverage bottle named archers has opened the market in the UK and achieved remarkable success. Archers' goal is to keep an eye on adult women in the market. The drink is a mixture of gin with sour pear, lime and orange, which is suitable for women's taste. The packaging is liked by women, and the brand name is recognized by them. The affordable choice of fresh taste represents the style of women. Elegant and feminine bottle design combined with conspicuous efforts to promote the use of graphene materials from theoretical research to the actual production of red color codes and signatures, as well as translucent frozen and foam patterns. All sleeves are labeled, and nine color photogravure printing is easy to residual internal stress brush in the extruded layer tissue. The special formula ink used has a pearl like luster, it is understood. This kind of ink has unique properties and can produce the surface effect of etching glass

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