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Sino US petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprises jointly build high-end pipeline ball valves

recently, PetroChina Bohai equipment manufacturing company and Cameron international signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing to jointly invest in the construction of a large and medium-sized all welded high-pressure ball valve joint venture project. This project will introduce the world's leading ball valve technology, use the existing plant of Bohai equipment, and invest in the construction of a world-leading full welded ball valve production line with 3D printing fully reflected again, which makes the experimental machine unable to operate normally. The annual design capacity is 2100 sets. This cooperation is the first cooperation between Chinese petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprises and top enterprises in the international equipment manufacturing industry. The project is committed to the production and manufacture of high-end pipeline ball valves, which is of great significance to improve the localization level of pipeline ball valves in China and meet the needs of high-quality pipeline ball valves and ensure the construction of national oil and gas pipelines. Li Xinhua, deputy general manager of CNPC and member of the Party group, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that PetroChina attaches great importance to the development of petroleum equipment manufacturing business. The joint venture of the two sides to establish a ball valve company is an important part of the internationalization strategy of China's petroleum equipment business. When plastic parts are taken out of the mold, there is a contraction step, which is also an important measure to improve the industrial chain of pipeline business. It is hoped that the two sides of the joint venture will sincerely cooperate and make joint efforts to fully promote the construction process of the large and medium-sized all welded high-pressure ball valve joint venture project, strive for early sunrise products and create benefits, and look forward to the two sides taking the project cooperation as the starting point to continue to expand cooperation in other fields. Jim White, vice president of Cameron international and President of valve and metering equipment group, said that the joint venture project will be conducive to the business development of both parties in the long term. Cameron international will carry out joint venture projects in a safer and more effective way to ensure product quality and jointly support the sustainable growth of China's oil and gas industry with PetroChina. Cameron international is a world-renowned oil and gas equipment manufacturer and the world's most powerful pipeline valve manufacturer. The company's all welded high-pressure ball valve is recognized as the highest level of similar products in the world today, and has been successfully applied to the construction of key projects such as the first line of West to east natural gas transmission, the second line of West to east natural gas transmission, Shaanxi Beijing pipeline, etc. After the joint venture project is put into operation, the localization capacity of pipeline ball valves will be greatly increased, which can effectively reduce the import of similar products in the construction of domestic oil and gas pipelines

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