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On October 29, Tongling fushe Sanjia Machinery Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Tongling Sanjia Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd. and Korea fushe Machinery Co., Ltd., officially opened. The company is currently China's most advanced technology, the largest production scale of professional semiconductor plastic packaging press production enterprises. It breaks the passive situation that China's integrated circuit packaging equipment is completely dependent on imports

it is understood that the total investment of the newly opened Tongling fushe Sanjia company is 430. The computer automatically collects data and calculates the result of more than RMB 0 million. Korea fushe machinery company, a famous semiconductor special equipment manufacturer in South Korea, accounts for 51% of the investment in the form of technology and equipment; Tongling Sanjia Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd., the backbone enterprise of Tongling electronic material industry base approved by the Ministry of science and technology, invested 49% in the form of plant, equipment, land and capital. The joint venture has an annual output of 250 plastic sealing presses, and its main products include FST m200t an (without touch screen), FST m200t anm (with touch screen), FST m250t an (without touch screen), FST m250t anm (with touch screen), etc. Its key parts, electrical components and hydraulic components are imported from Germany and Japan, ensuring that the products are at the international advanced level. The person in charge of the company said that they will adopt the "dumbbell" management mode, strengthen the in-depth research and development of core technologies, continue to innovate, implement the business philosophy of "zero distance management and zero quality defects", take customer satisfaction as the goal, fully implement the brand strategy, provide packaging equipment with excellent performance price ratio, and contribute to the development of China's semi heterogeneous industry

industry experts pointed out that the cooperation between China and South Korea will help develop their respective advantages, provide strong technical support for China's semiconductor post packaging process, and play a positive role in promoting the development of the semiconductor industry. Tongling Sanjia Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province. It is a national and provincial implementation unit that reduces the error to the lowest level of the torch plan. The total assets of the company are 200million yuan, and its leading products include plastic profile extrusion molds, electronic plastic packaging molds and equipment, environmental protection equipment and instruments, etc. The company is the birthplace of China's first set of molds since 2008, and also the birthplace of China's first civil velocity radar. The main products of the company have established a dominant position in their respective industries, and many products have won the titles of national new products and national key new products. Korea fushe Machinery Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of professional semiconductor and electronic industrial production equipment. The main products are semiconductor packaging equipment and PCB multilayer board laminating equipment, which are in the international leading position in the field of R & D and manufacturing of electronic packaging equipment

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