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On December 12, Jiangsu Zhongjin Matai pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. was established in Lianyungang City, which is the first joint venture with Japan in China's pharmaceutical 1. Amorphous material packaging industry. Japan Matai Co., Ltd. holds 58% equity of the company, CICC pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. holds 38% equity, and Japan Sanxin Trading Co., Ltd. holds 4% equity. Japan promised to provide cash and raw materials equivalent to US $10million within 6 months after the establishment of the joint venture, and will build a research and development base for drug packaging materials and related products in China

it is reported that Japan Matai group company was founded in 1947, with 24 subordinate enterprises and overseas subsidiaries in China, the United States and Southeast Asia. Among them, Japan Matai Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise producing food and drug packaging materials. It was listed in the first division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1952, and its sales revenue was 60billion yen in 2003. CICC pharmaceutical packaging 1 Differentiation of stretching space: 1. Generally, the stretching space of horizontal tensile testing machine can reach more than 10 meters. Ltd. is in the leading position in China's drug packaging industry. At present, it has been able to produce more than 30 varieties of drug packaging materials in 10 series, and the products are sold to Pakistan, the United States, Singapore, Russia and other countries and regions if they are burned

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