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The Sino US trade war is about to start, and Chinese officials have made intensive statements. Release date: Source: fast news editor: Bao Zhi's number of Views: 5751 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: according to media reports, the U.S. government will impose a tax on US $34billion of goods from China on July 6, of which about more than 20 billion, accounting for about 59% of the products of foreign-funded enterprises in China

[China Packaging News] according to media reports, according to the plan, the U.S. government will impose a tax on $34billion of goods in China on July 6, of which about more than $20 billion, accounting for about 59% of the products of foreign-funded enterprises in China

at the same time, the United States recently threatened again that if China and the United States could not reach a trade agreement soon, they would impose tariffs on all $500billion Chinese products exported to the United States

in the past two days, in response to the possible trade war, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of foreign affairs and other three ministries and commissions have stated their positions one after another. Guoshuqing, Secretary of the Party committee of the central bank and chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, was interviewed. The people also published commentator's articles that the cycle consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes

read through the official dense statements and wait for tomorrow

spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng

Ministry of Commerce: U.S. trade bullying goes against the trend of the times

spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng responded:

we have noticed that the United States has again threatened to levy taxes on all $500billion of Chinese products exported to the United States recently. Moreover, the United States has also issued similar threats to its trading partners in other countries and regions. This trade bullying, which holds a tariff stick and threatens everywhere, is against the trend of the times

China will work with other countries in the world to resolutely oppose backward, outdated and inefficient protectionism and the perverse practice of unilateralism, and strive to maintain a stable and predictable global economic and trade environment

the United States provoked a trade war with slow control response, which we are unwilling to fight, but we have to fight when necessary in order to safeguard the interests of the country and the people. China will never shoot the first shot, but if the United States implements tax measures, China will be forced to counter it

we call on all countries to take joint action. Shandong Hongwang project is currently in full swing, resolutely opposing trade protectionism and unilateralism, and safeguarding the common interests of the people of the world

According to Gao Feng, China, as an important supporter and participant of economic globalization and global industrial chain, many export products are produced by foreign-funded enterprises in China. According to the analysis, in the list of 34billion taxable products released by the United States, there are about more than 20 billion, accounting for about 59% of the products of foreign-funded enterprises in China, of which American enterprises account for a considerable proportion

it can be seen that if the United States starts to levy taxes, it is actually a tax on Chinese and foreign enterprises, including U.S. - funded enterprises. The U.S. measures essentially hit the global industrial chain and value chain. In short, the United States is firing at the world and at itself

in addition, there are media reports that US funded enterprises in China may be sanctioned by China due to the Sino US trade war. In this regard, Gao Feng said that the legitimate rights and interests of all enterprises in China will be protected by the Chinese government

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: no one wants to fight a trade war

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang:

no one wants to fight a trade war, not only in China, but also in American consumers, American industries, including all other economies in the world and people all over the world

a trade war is detrimental to any country. It can only damage the industries of all countries and the interests of consumers of all countries. Therefore, we certainly do not want a trade war to start

however, if the legitimate interests of any country are unilaterally harmed, of course, any country has the right to firmly defend its own interests, which is beyond doubt

when asked whether China had communicated with the US on this issue, Lu Kang said that the US side was very clear about China's position

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang

Guo Shuqing: the trade war provoked by the United States will not last.

a few days ago, Guo Shuqing said in an interview with the financial times that the trade war provoked by the United States will not last. We are firmly opposed to trade war, which will not win

the rapid development of globalization in the past 40 years has led to fundamental changes in international industrial patterns and unprecedented integration of the world economy. The United States has a large deficit in trade in goods, which has many causes, but it does not mean that the United States suffers losses as a result. On the contrary, the formation and sustainability of the U.S. trade deficit is a reflection of its economic, scientific and technological innovation ability, high-end service industry competitiveness and its special position in international monetary finance

because of this, the United States can enjoy a variety of high-quality and low-cost goods from all over the world for a long time, as well as a steady stream of low-cost funds. China accounts for a large proportion of the value transferred in these two aspects. If the current international economic order is unreasonable, the United States is by no means at a disadvantage

because emerging market economies can produce massive products with high efficiency and low cost, the United States and Europe have no longer suffered from inflation in the past 20 years, and can recover quickly from the serious financial crisis

it is also for this reason that the profits of multinational companies in developed countries are constantly doubling. They have a huge business presence in China, with sales of trillions of dollars. Foreign invested enterprises account for nearly half of China's total imports and exports, and more than half of its exports to the United States

to crack down on China's trade and investment is to a large extent to crack down on multinational enterprises, including many American enterprises. Provoking a trade war is not only a challenge to the target country, but also a damage to its own economy. This trade war will be difficult to carry on in the end

people: "the theory that the United States suffers losses in trade" should stop.

recently, the U.S. government has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the world trade organization, threatened to "retreat from the group", and claimed that the United States has been unfairly treated in trade and other aspects, and the United States has suffered losses. It is worth noting that this so-called "US trade loss theory" is becoming the reason for the United States to launch a trade war for no reason

a developed country with the strongest comprehensive strength in the world today has openly said that it has been bullied and suffered a great loss in international trade, which is really surprising to the world

it depends on who makes the rules

as we all know, the United States led the creation of the international economic, trade and financial system after World War II, and firmly controlled the creation and revision of international economic and trade rules in the following decades. From the GATT to the establishment of the WTO, from the Bretton Woods system to the reform of the international monetary system, the United States has always been the founder of international economic and trade rules and the leader of the global economic order, occupying a leading position. A "referee" will formulate a set of "let yourself suffer" competition rules, no matter who, I'm afraid it's hard to be convincing

in terms of maintaining its own advantages by formulating rules, the United States has not been idle for a moment. In recent years, the United States has frequently adjusted and upgraded international trade and investment rules, maintained its core competitiveness, and "tailored" itself to formulate new international economic and trade rules that are more in line with the interests of the United States, so as to continue its "first mover advantage" and ensure that the global economic governance system has always evolved in a direction conducive to the United States

it depends on the profit

rule makers are often the biggest beneficiaries. The United States knows how much they feel about this. It is no coincidence that the United States has become the country with the strongest comprehensive strength in the world after World War II. In the process of leading the construction of international economic and trade rules, it wantonly enjoys the institutional benefits brought by economic globalization, continuously improves and consolidates its economic hegemony through the allocation of resources in the world, and then becomes the biggest winner of the multilateral economic and trade system and economic globalization

in the field of economy and trade, the United States is a major trading power. Last year, the trade volume of goods was $3.89 trillion and the trade volume of services was $1.31 trillion. When the pendulum impact testing machine is applied, 1 it must stop debugging, ranking second and first in the world respectively; In the financial field, the US dollar accounts for 62% of the global foreign exchange reserves, and its special status enables the United States to obtain huge economic benefits by issuing US dollars and collecting "seigniorage" from the world; In the field of energy, the United States became the world's largest natural gas producer in 2009 and replaced Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer in 2013

not only that, American capital "gathers wool" all over the world and obtains rich returns; The United States imports a large number of high-quality goods from developing countries at low prices to improve public welfare; The US dollar is largely reserved by countries, sharing the inflation risk for the United States; The United States relies on the world's leading technology to earn excess monopoly profits; American enterprises occupy the high-end and high value-added links of the value chain and enjoy the dividends of economic globalization

while enjoying delicious food with a globalized "rice bowl", he shouted that the multilateral trading system was unfair to him. The "loss theory" completely exposed the greed of the United States, which blindly seeks to maximize its interests and accounts for shit in international exchanges

to say the least, even if the United States does have some discomfort in international economy and trade, it still needs to see who the "loss" has suffered and whether it is other countries or the United States itself that can't live with the United States

while blindly accusing other countries of non-compliance with trade rules, the United States has many policies and behaviors that seriously distort market competition, hinder fair trade, and damage the global industrial chain. It is also these policies and behaviors that undermine the rule-based multilateral trading system

in terms of market competition, the United States provides huge subsidies to support industrial development, resulting in overcapacity and even monopoly in related industries; In terms of foreign procurement, the U.S. government has set up a large number of discriminatory conditions to prevent the free circulation of high-quality products from other countries to the U.S. market, causing enterprises from other countries to suffer unfair treatment in the United States

in terms of trade barriers, the United States emphasizes that there is a huge trade deficit with other countries, and there is strict export control; In terms of investment review, the United States abused the concept of national security, tightened investment review, hindered the free flow of factors, and damaged investment facilitation

in terms of intellectual property rights, the United States is the country that visits pirated sites the most in the world, but it has long ignored the loopholes in its own intellectual property protection

in connection with the practical practice of the United States to attack in all directions and fight a trade war for a period of time, people with clear eyes can see that the so-called "loss theory" is far from playing the sad card and having a mouth addiction. There is a big article to be done behind the "strong sorrow for giving new words" in the United States. To put it bluntly, it is to create the so-called theoretical basis for its trade protectionism

it's understandable to have appeals and want to change. The key is to adjust your attitude and correct your posture. It's naive to think that making a "loss theory" can make a false problem become a reality, or asking exorbitant prices or even forcibly selling can make other countries obedient

in today's world, international trade stresses fairness, and it is impossible to buy and sell by force. International trade rules are readily available, and multilateral dialogue platforms have always existed. The willful waving of trade protection sticks has disturbed the world, and the United States itself can hardly have a good life

it is impossible to return the sea of the world economy to an isolated small lake and river, and it is not in line with the historical trend. international trade

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