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Sino German printing training center entered the second phase of the project construction

Second, it took three years for Sino German printing training center to enter the second phase of the project. In 2001, it was the first year that China Germany printing training center launched the second phase of the project. Germany invested 3.5 million marks in this project, including 1.3 million marks for equipment; China invested a total of 20million yuan before 2003, including 8million yuan for land acquisition, 7.8 million yuan for capital construction and 4.2 million yuan for other construction. In the second period, it can only reflect its superficial phenomenon. With the support of the provincial government and finance, Germany Renaissance bank provided CDAD with a long-term low interest government loan of 600 marks, mainly to purchase advanced packaging production equipment for CDAD

in the second phase of the project, Germany is mainly equipped with: 2-3 sets of printing inspection equipment, "52" × One 46 "GTO two-color self turning printer, two GTO monochrome offset printers," 52 " × 76 "four open four-color plus light offset printing machine, grinding and cutting machine and three side knife; The Chinese side is mainly equipped with: a small folding machine, an indentation machine (flattening), and a 01 machine. This will provide great convenience for teachers' teaching and students' practice in China in the future

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