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Sino German Forum - explore the road of alliance in the era of industry 4.0

China may be the world factory, but German companies are the manufacturers of the world factory. Herman Simon, a German management thinker, summed up the current situation of the manufacturing industry in China and Germany

Markit, a market research agency, recently released data that German manufacturing activity continued to expand moderately. The initial value of Germany's Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index (pmi7. please read the manual) in May was 52.9, which achieved the 13th consecutive month of expansion and continued to excel in the euro zone. Exactly 13 months ago, the German government launched the industry 4.0 strategy at the Hannover Industrial Expo, launched the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing, and established a highly flexible production mode of personalized and digital products and services, with a view to improving the competitiveness of German industry

since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany for more than 40 years, the cooperation in manufacturing has been all-round. At the beginning of the cooperation, German enterprises came to invest in China. Although there were some difficulties, the attraction and potential of the Chinese market were far greater than the difficulties. In recent years, with the continuous increase of foreign exchange reserves and the support of the "going out" policy, Chinese enterprises gradually increased their direct investment in Germany, hoping to obtain the truth of German manufacturing

what is made in Germany? Since 1887, Germany has embarked on the road of industrial revival. In the past 127 years, German manufacturing has changed from small to large, from weak to strong. What is the secret? The Sino German smart manufacturing Summit Forum, which will be held grandly from October 15 to 18, will restore a true made in Germany from the mouths of Chinese and German entrepreneurs and senior technicians

127 year password

at least we're still doing something, Mr. Blair. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once asked the secret of German economic success, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel answered. The secret of German economic success is manufacturing. German manufacturing is like a steaming cake. The praise for German manufacturing is all over the world. What is the biggest feature of German manufacturing

all our products can be used permanently and will not be damaged! Ursula Maile, vice president of hansseidel foundation, once said. Founded in 1966, Hanns Seidel Stiftung is a subordinate organization of the German Christian Social Union (CSU), which has been in power in Bavaria for many years. Some leaders of the Union also serve as the directors of the foundation. Its headquarters is located in Munich, the capital of Bavaria

in their contact with local residents in Germany, they interpret permanent use in another way, which can be passed on. From Hannover, Cologne, Heidelberg and Frankfurt in Germany, daily necessities regarded as luxuries in China are necessities in Germany. We grew up using these brands of things, never broken. Some entrepreneurs from Germany said in an interview. Indeed, more and more Chinese people lament that German pots can be used for a lifetime, German knives can be handed down, and German clocks can go on for generations, but few people know that once made in Germany is synonymous with theft, copying, and forgery

on August 23rd, 1887, the British Parliament passed the insulting provisions of the trademark law, stipulating that all products imported from Germany must be marked made in Germany, so as to distinguish inferior German products from high-quality British products. Over the past 127 years, made in Germany has gradually become a steaming cake from a fake low-grade replica. After 2008, it has become unique. In the view of experts, one of the Secrets Why made in Germany is famous all over the world is that Germany has a stable vocational education system to provide a continuous stream of high-quality skilled labor for made in Germany. The second secret is the national scientific and technological innovation system, which quickly converts scientific and technological achievements into new product standards

China saved the public

I believe that when made in Germany and made in China sincerely cooperate hand in hand, what we make will not only be high-quality products, but also the happiness and ideals of the two peoples. p>

the quality handed down is not only a business card of Germany, but also the key for German manufacturing enterprises to open and win the international market. German enterprises have been exploring the Chinese market since the 1980s, and have gained a lot. The experience of Volkswagen, which is nicknamed as a state-owned enterprise in Germany, coming back from the dead is the best example

Wolfsburg in Germany can be said to be a car city built for the public, with its modern design and picturesque scenery. Li Li, who has lived in Germany for nearly 20 years, said that all these things of Volkswagen are inseparable from the Chinese market. It can be said that Volkswagen is the salvation of the Chinese market

according to the data, in the early stage of reform and opening up, the Chinese government sincerely invited foreign automobile companies to invest in China, traded the market for technology, and promoted the development of China's automobile industry through the establishment of joint ventures. At that time, American companies were only willing to cooperate in technology rather than joint venture. Japanese companies only want to sell cars, not joint ventures. Only Volkswagen AG of Germany agreed with the plan of the Chinese government and decisively decided to set up Shanghai Volkswagen AG in Shanghai

according to Li Li, in the 1980s and 1990s, Volkswagen was only a company producing medium and low-end cars in the German auto market. It could not compete with BMW and Mercedes Benz at all, and was almost on the verge of bankruptcy

the olive branch thrown by China brought Volkswagen back to life and sold Santana series cars to Chinese consumers. In fact, these cars are obsolete slow-moving goods in Germany. When many Chinese people need to replace parts after buying Santana, the German side simply cannot provide them, because this series has been discontinued in Germany

the huge demand in the Chinese market has greatly stimulated Volkswagen, so Volkswagen has focused on China and become the first foreign auto brand to enter the Chinese market. It is precisely because of the success of its market strategy in China that Volkswagen has now acquired high-end car brands such as Porsche

Over the past 30 years, more and more Chinese consumers have accepted made in Germany, and the Chinese market has also attracted more and more German manufacturing enterprises

Weibo, a German enterprise with a history of nearly 300 years, has also firmly focused on China after its success in the European and American markets, as well as Japan, Singapore and other markets. Jessika Maria Rauch, the manager of the company's international public relations department, said in an interview that Weibo would promote strategic planning in China, strengthen brand publicity in China, promote kitchen appliances to Chinese consumers more specifically, and strengthen cooperation with China's high-end hotels and clubs in terms of bathroom products

Paul zumbuhl, CEO of Innolux group, clearly pointed out in an exclusive interview that China is the fastest growing market of the group's business. At present, the sales volume of the Chinese market accounts for 20% of the whole group, and this proportion will continue to rise in the future. However, with the influx of more competitors, it is more and more difficult to understand the Chinese market. What can German manufacturers rely on to better understand than other manufacturers

zumbuhl set the goal that Innolux will achieve in China in the future: invest more money in the Chinese market, and increase the proportion of Chinese market and American market in the sales of the whole group from the current 40% to 50%, and the main driving force comes from China

obviously, zumbuhl's confidence comes from the positive feedback given by the Chinese market to Innolux in recent years. According to the 2013 financial report of Innolux, the sales of Innolux in Asia increased by nearly 28% in 2013, while the order growth in China was as high as 32.7%. Therefore, the new Asian headquarters of Innolux is located in Shanghai, China

industry 4.0 strategy

Volkswagen's success has set an example for German manufacturing enterprises, but it is impossible for another Volkswagen to appear. On the one hand, the Chinese market has been open for more than 30 years, and the competition among enterprises has become increasingly fierce; On the other hand, Chinese enterprises have developed rapidly. Wang Dingwang, general manager of the Sales Department of Innolux Shanghai Branch, said bluntly in an interview: ten or seven or eight years ago, the price of products produced by enterprises in Europe and the United States, such as Germany, could be twice, twice or even higher than that of domestic companies in China, but now this situation has become less and less, and the price difference between foreign and domestic products has narrowed to 20% or 15%, or even less than 10%

many German enterprises are still very confident about keeping the price difference of about 15% without further reducing the price, which is rooted in the R & D and innovation capabilities of German manufacturing enterprises

once your product is sold, the buyer can use it for a lifetime, and will not replace the new product because of damage or loss at all. Does that not also limit and improve the physical properties of metal and the repeated purchase rate of customers? When asked this question, Christian hagmaier laughed brightly and said: no company is unchanging forever. With the change of a series of environments such as the production scale and production mode of an enterprise, its demand will naturally change. And we will constantly develop new products to meet customers' needs according to the changes of customers' needs

R & D and innovation are generally regarded as vitality by German manufacturing enterprises. In Volkswagen City, car city commentators who are over 60 years old and speak seven languages have constantly stressed that every designer of Volkswagen draws 5000 original design drafts every year and must use hand-painted. When talking about these young designers, I am always full of pride

in fact, since the 18th century, Germany has launched four waves of industrial strategy. In the 18th century, the introduction of machinery manufacturing equipment was the industrial 1.0 strategy; Electrification in the early 20th century is the industry 2.0 strategy; In the 1970s, the simplified production mode of large-scale and mass production was the industrial 3.0 strategy. With the high integration of information technology and industrial technology, in April 2013, the German government vigorously promoted the new industrial strategy. The German media called it industry 4.0 strategy. In the manufacturing field, the product manufacturing process will be deeply intertwined with computer technology, information technology, software and automation technology to produce a new value model

at the 2014 International Logistics Technology Exhibition (CeMAT) held in Hannover, Germany, interno showed its new internal logistics modular conveyor platform to the world for the first time. According to different needs, Innolux can customize conveyor modules applied to different driving devices for customers. The new zero pressure transmission equipment adopts 24 volt drive technology and abandons the use of pneumatic brakes. The test shows that it can significantly reduce energy consumption. Innolux will take the lead in launching a new conveyor platform in the European market in 2014. At the beginning of 2015, it will be extended to the American and Asian markets

although the price of our products is higher than that of other companies, the technology we provide can save customers more labor costs and energy consumption. Once customers calculate the cost of the system, they are often more willing to spend a little more money to buy our products. Wang Dingwang pointed out that South Korea dule group saved 30% of the electricity bill by using our equipment

despite the shift in China's economic growth rate, zumbuhl is still full of confidence in the Chinese market, which has greater potential than Xu

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