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APC provides "popular system" power support for Kunming social security center

(March, 2011, Beijing, China). APC (hereinafter referred to as APC) under Schneider Electric, the world's leading key power supply and refrigeration service provider, recently announced that Kunming human resources and social security information center has successfully built a green data center with high availability, high efficiency and high scalability by deploying APC InfraStruxure Yingfei integrated system. APC not only provides a solid and reliable it power guarantee for its 24-hour social security system, but also helps the data center realize sustainable construction and intelligent management through integrated planning and design. As a successful case of APC in the field of infrastructure construction of public utilities in Southwest China, Kunming social security center provides a good reference for users who comprehensively manage citizen information and serve people's livelihood

qiuchengdi, senior vice president of Schneider Electric worldwide and President of it business department in Greater China, said: the continuous improvement of the social security system is not only the aspiration of the people, but also an important symbol of social progress. In particular, in recent years, the continuous exploration of new forms such as national linkage and remote settlement has brought geometric growth to the business volume of the social security system, making strengthening the social security information infrastructure a necessary way for social security information centers at all levels. Relying on more than 40 years of professional experience in the data center field, APC has helped Kunming human resources and social security information center to build a flexible, scalable, efficient, safe and green data center through an overall solution with advanced concepts. While realizing sustainable and intelligent management, APC has also provided an endless dynamic guarantee for the vital interests of Kunming citizens

Kunming human resources and social security information center is a public institution responsible for the informatization construction of Kunming's social security and human resources. The systems involved in its business include social security system, medical insurance, old-age insurance for employees and soldiers, unemployment insurance, etc. The system carries more than 1700 nodes in the city. Once there is a problem in the data center, it will not be able to meet the basic needs of millions of people in the city for daily medical treatment, resulting in the inability to protect the personal interests of the people. At the same time, with the continuous increase of the number of insured people, the business volume has also shown explosive growth, resulting in huge operating costs and multiple power supply failures, which makes it urgent to build a stable, efficient and energy-saving data center

as the social security center of a public utility, considering the high availability level of the system, the vitality of the IT system and the certainty that the iron content in the sample can meet the future business scalability, after repeated comparison with other manufacturers' products, Kunming human resources and social security information center finally selected the ups power supply system, precision distribution cabinet APC, including Yingfei's central manager and refrigeration system, provides an all-round overall solution to deploy it infrastructure through the overall design concept and dcpi's systematic thinking, so as to ensure that the data center is built and managed in terms of radar microwave stealth in stages. Modular power supply system only German enterprises in the world can ensure the normal operation of customers' loads in redundant mode, and also realize controllable investment in the initial stage and stable iteration in the later stage; When the equipment is basically stable, the social security center adopts APC's netbotz data center remote monitoring system, which greatly simplifies and reduces the data center operation and maintenance cost of the system management department, and ensures the security of the data center. In addition, the innovative high-efficiency design of APC power supply system can also help customers effectively reduce power costs when using high-density equipment, so that the pue value of the data center is always kept below 2

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