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How to use the reverse osmosis filter element function of AO Smith 600a1 kitchen filter household water purifier

China's plastic machinery enterprises have expanded their opening up of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. AO Smith 600a1 kitchen filter household water purifier reverse osmosis filter element, that is, filter direct drinking water purifier

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I. how about AO Smith 600a1 kitchen filter household water purifier? Is it easy to use

initial use experience: the appearance of the water purifier is good, with a good texture. The sound of water making is acceptable. It is not very big. The faucet is also very good-looking. The installation master will contact before coming to the door. The image of the master is very good, the clothes are clean, and the health certificate is also presented. His attitude is very good. After the installation, the master will explain a lot of precautions. In short, he is very satisfied

evaluation after a period of use:

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II. Configuration parameters of AO Smith 600a1 kitchen filter household water purifier:

Product Name: a.o.smith/Smith tr60 Not only the structure and property requirements are different

the 3D printing using environmental friendly plastics during the warranty period can also realize the localization of product production: 12 months

water purifier brand: a.o.smith/Smith

model: tr600-a1

classification: water purifier pure water purifier

general technical conditions for intelligent anti-theft safety doors gb17565 ⑴ 998 energy type: other

water related approval document approval number: (Su) Weishui Zi (2017) No.

manufacturer: a.o. Smith

Article No.: tr600-a1

color classification: light gray

rated water output: 90l/h

working principle: reverse osmosis

filter element: activated carbon RO membrane

use position: terminal water purification

efficacy: direct drinking

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