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App (China) "Zero plastic" paper cup paper obtained the t ü V degradation compost certification

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core tips: on May 25, app (China) industrial paper won the dincertco and European bioplastics association industrial compost certification issued by the German Rhine t ü V group, an international authoritative third-party testing and certification agency, In 2012, app (China) industrial paper won the industrial compost certification certificate issued by dincertco and European bioplastics Association, an international authoritative third-party testing and certification institution, Rheinland t ü V group

the certified product is the zero plastic cup paper newly developed by app (China) industrial paper, which is certified by t ü V Rheinland based on the standards of dinen13432: and astmd6400: respectively

the company has obtained the compostable degradation certificate, which means that the zero plastic brand products have fully passed the testing and certification of various domestic and foreign authorities (compostable degradation certification, biological toxicity safety testing, pops fluoride testing, specific migration total amount testing, etc.)

Dr. taositeng, senior vice president of t ü V Rheinland Greater China region, Qiu Ruquan, vice president of industrial paper technology of app (China), and others attended the certification ceremony as licensees

in the context of the new national plastic restrictions and prohibitions, the paper cups, paper bags, lunch boxes, etc. produced by the zero plastic brand series products of app (China) can be recycled for pulping and papermaking or composting degradation, realizing the maximum utilization of resource recovery, Instead of incineration and landfill, it is a real solution to help carbon neutralization and carbon emission reduction

Qiu Ruquan said in his speech that modern pulping and papermaking is a green and sustainable "big cycle", while Zero plastic brand paper forms a "small cycle" through production, consumption, recycling and re pulping, saving huge amounts of wood for the earth. As a leading pulping and papermaking enterprise, app (China) is willing to work together to create a sustainable development of the earth's ecology and benefit our future generations

Zero plastic food card (EPP)

1, e is the part that drives the movement of the sensor ball screw PP food grade environmental protection barrier layer, so that the paper surface has good barrier and heat sealing, without PE coating processing. It is suitable for directly making all kinds of paper cups, paper bowls, lunch boxes, soup barrels and other take away catering packaging, providing a more environmentally friendly and safe packaging solution

2. No plastic, no fluorescent agent, fully recyclable (direct re pulping), degradable (100%), compostable, safe and environmentally friendly, cutting parameters in line with the green hair setting of packaging materials, geometric shape of drill bit and cutting quality have a significant impact on the problems arising from the appeal

Zero plastic oil proof food card (OPB)

1. It does not need PE coating, does not contain silicone oil/fluorine coating, and the paper has oil proof, anti sticking and anti permeability properties, which is suitable for directly making food packaging cartons, stamping lunch boxes, etc

2. Super anti grease permeability, patented graphene nano barrier technology

3. It does not contain plastic, fluoride, mineral oil and fluorescent agent. It can be directly microwave (household) plus 4 Optical film heating, while fully realizing degradable, recyclable (direct re pulping), compostable, safe and environmentally friendly, is a revolutionary product in line with the trend of green and sustainable development

about t ü V Rheinland

Germany t ü V Rheinland is one of the world's authoritative testing institutions. As a leading technical service provider in the world, t ü V Rheinland can provide end product certification services and technical guidance for enterprises, and provide safe and sustainable solutions to solve the challenges in the interaction of human, environment and science and technology, so as to help enterprises achieve sustainable development, Its certification mark has always been regarded as a safety and quality mark tested by an independent and impartial organization. In february2019, the German Rheinland t ü V group's Shanghai biodegradation testing laboratory passed the dincertco extension audit and became the first recognized household composting laboratory in China

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