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Aolian mould is the largest glass mould manufacturer in Asia. Aolian (Tianjin) mould Co., Ltd. is subordinate to O-I group, a fortune 500 enterprise in the world. It was founded in 1995 with a total investment of US $16million and nearly 300 employees. It is the largest glass mould manufacturer in Asia, with an annual sales volume of 100million yuan

the company adheres to Owens? Illinois plastic products was first born in the early 20th century with the advanced corporate culture concept of Illinois group. It perfectly combines art with glass mold manufacturing, adopts CNC machine tools imported from Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom, and is programmed by CATIA program, supplemented by excellent mold materials and strict quality management system, To provide reliable guarantee for product quality, China has completed a historical breakthrough in the products and skills of large and super large cranes. The glass molds produced by the company are all made of 96a heat-resistant alloy cast iron, silicon copper alloy, dimoron, tungsten carbide and other high-quality metal materials. In addition to supplying the domestic market, the products are also exported to Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries

the company has been rated as a foreign-invested advanced technology enterprise by Tianjin Foreign Economic and Trade Commission for preventing people and objects from falling. It is the standing director unit of China Daily Glass Association and the director unit of the professional committee of molds

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