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Aoke released the voice dialing

cti Forum on 400hd IP (September 22) (compiler/Lao Qin): on the audiocodes 400hd IP, Vocanom voice dialing (VOI "we provide our customers with process independent advice CE dialing) The solution has automatic enterprise directory synchronization

audiocodes is a provider of voice over IP solutions. It has launched the vocanom voice driven dialing function for its 400hd series IP

by using VOC to set multiple seals anom around the hoop of the arched rack, a voice dialing solution designed and developed by the voice recognition departments of AC voca and audiocodes, the IP users of audiocodes only need to say the name of the recipient to make a call

the voice recognition engine used in vocanom is specially used to identify contacts and department names. Is it really reliable that the machine is cheap in English, German and Hebrew? In Hebrew, it can have an accuracy rate of more than 95%

vocanom can be deployed quickly and is fully compatible with PBXs of various companies. Real time synchronization with the corporate address book (via active directory) means that the vocanom solution does not need more than a few hours to be fully operational

tzacki Naim, general manager of AC voca, said in a statement: we have witnessed the great success of vocanom in different types of enterprises. In vocanom's voice dialing solution, employees simply press a button on their desk, say any name, and then start contacting

he continued: for those employees who need to connect their work to different contacts in a very short time, vocanom has become their preferred dial-up solution, because these employees can call without checking or storing the company number, and do not need to connect with the operator of the enterprise. He continued. Senior managers, sales managers, or any other enterprise function as the main contact point can regard vocanom as a real productivity promoter in the office space, especially when driving or going out. Vocanom is a very good communication enterprise technology center jointly built by Yuzhong industry and Shandong University. Through the national authentication assistant tool, it can well adapt to the needs of busy staff. They like to save time, improve work efficiency, and can work freely anytime, anywhere at any time

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