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Winter is coming, and the maintenance work is also put on the schedule. How can the smart lock selected carefully be used for a longer time? Maintenance is very important. Follow up with the following points to easily extend the service life of smart locks ~

winter is coming, and maintenance work is also on the agenda

How can smart locks that start with careful selection

be used longer

maintenance is very important

work together to achieve the following points

easily extend the service life of the smart lock ~

first, don't disassemble it rashly

if the smart lock fails, don't disassemble it rashly by yourself, because the smart lock is basically built-in with sophisticated electronic components, and non professionals may damage internal accessories or cause other serious consequences when disassembling it. If you suspect that there is a problem with the smart lock, you'd better consult a professional, or directly contact the seller for door-to-door maintenance

second, pay attention to the cleaning of the identification module

whether it is fingerprint identification or password input panel, it is a place that should be often touched by hand. The oil secreted by sweat glands on the hand will accelerate the aging of fingerprint recognition and input panel, resulting in recognition failure or insensitive input

therefore, the fingerprint identification window should be gently wiped with a dry soft cloth, and cannot be cleaned with hard things (such as brushing pot balls). The password input window also needs to be wiped with a clean soft cloth, otherwise it will leave scratches and affect the input sensitivity

third, do not lubricate the mechanical lock holes with lubricating oil

most smart locks will have mechanical lock holes, and many people routinely think that the lubrication of mechanical parts should of course be given to lubricating oil. In fact, this is not the case. Do not add lubricating oil indiscriminately, because the oil is easy to stick to dust, and later it will be easy to slowly accumulate dust in the keyhole, forming oil putty, which will affect normal use

if the mechanical key cannot be inserted and removed smoothly, a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be smeared into the lock cylinder slot to ensure that the key can be opened normally

fourth, avoid contact with corrosive substances

do not let the panel of the smart door lock contact with corrosive substances, which will damage the panel protective layer of the smart door lock, affect the gloss or cause the surface coating oxidation, further affect the internal structure of the smart door lock, and cause problems in the safety performance of the smart door lock

v. check and replace the battery in time

check the battery irregularly. In summer, we should pay more attention to that the battery leakage corrodes the smart door lock. If the battery is found to be low or leaking, we should immediately replace the new battery, and do not mix the old and new batteries. In order to prolong the service life, alkaline batteries are recommended

as the saying goes, maintenance is the same as before, and no maintenance is the same.

people are the same, and so is locks.

smart locks are the first line of defense for family safety.

maintaining smart locks is guarding family safety.

(source: Panasonic door control)




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