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At present, paint is still the main method in home decoration, and furniture will also be painted with a layer of paint. From putty powder, to varnish, to paint and paint, each operation project seems to be simple “ It's just painting, but in fact it is a great test of the operating experience and adaptability of the construction personnel. Let's take a look. What problems are you likely to encounter in the process of painting? What is the best solution? Xiaobian summarizes the eight most common problems in the painting process for you, and provides you with solutions

◆ what preparations need to be done before painting the wall and ceiling

answer: in the process of home decoration construction, sometimes due to the tight construction period, some necessary processes are easy to be omitted by workers; Take the operation of painters as an example: before painting the walls and ceilings, the walls should be cleaned, the dust and excess putty on the walls should be cleaned, the cracks should be treated, and the junction between the walls and ceilings and wood products should be protected to prevent wood products from being painted. All these should be done before painting

◆ how many times is the coating applied to the ceiling and wall

answer: Generally speaking, if the background color of the wall is relatively light, it is OK to paint the ceiling and the Wall twice, but if the background color is dark and the paint color to be painted is relatively light, it should be painted several times according to the covering degree of the paint color. However, it should be noted that the more times the paint is brushed, the better. If the paint is brushed too many times, there will be peeling and cracking

◆ why is the repair of nail holes on the surface of wood products critical

answer: for woodwork, whether using ordinary iron nails or air nails in the production process, it is inevitable that nail holes will be left on the surface, and an important work of painters is to repair the nail holes; Good painters will make it difficult to see the nail holes repaired within a certain distance. Painters with poor skills and sense of responsibility will also see the nail holes repaired within a very close distance, which will not only affect the visual effect of wood products, but also affect the service life of wood products

◆ what protective measures should be taken for hardware when painters brush paint

answer: we sometimes find that painters paint the hardware installed on wood products (such as door locks, hinges, etc.) when painting. As a result, owners will find that the surface of hardware has been corroded after they move in. Therefore, before painting, painters should stick some single-sided tape on the parts that are easy to be painted to protect the hardware

◆ why choose a paint brush that doesn't shed hair

answer: some workers use paint brushes with poor quality and love to lose hair. When using such brushes to brush paint, they often hang the brush hair on the paint surface. After the paint forms a film, it remains on the paint, which has a great impact on the effect of the paint. Therefore, when painting, you should try to use a better quality paint brush. If it is a new brush, you should also pay attention to knock the hair on the brush that is easy to fall off, or burn the floating hair with a lighter

◆ is the quality of hand painting good or spray painting good

answer: some home decoration uses oil mixing technology (using mixed paint, etc.). For people who don't know much about construction, this method seems to be easier than varnish, but in fact, it's not. This construction method is much harder than varnish, which is a test for the skill of painters. Brush marks are easy to appear in the work done by workers with poor skills. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the project, many construction sites have recently begun to use the spray painting process for oil mixing construction. The quality of this method is indeed much better than manual operation, but the disadvantage is that it wastes more materials

◆ how many times of nitro varnish on wood products

answer: because the paint film of nitro varnish is relatively thin, painters should brush it several times according to the situation, generally at least six times. However, there is a premise that painters should clean the paint surface before painting each time to avoid covering foreign matters with the paint painted later

◆ why can't the next putty be scraped before the previous putty is completely dry

answer: About putty powder. Generally speaking, construction personnel are required to putty the Wall twice in home decoration. The first is to level the overall wall surface; The second time is to repair on the basis of the first time to prevent “ Fish out of the net &mdash& mdash; Local walls are uneven. But recently, such a problem has emerged more and more: Although the putty powder has been treated twice, it is found that the putty on the wall has turned over and cocked up. Why? Experts remind: most of the reason is that when the first putty treatment is not completely dry, the construction personnel have done the second putty treatment in order to speed up the project process, which causes the second putty to arch up when the first putty continues to dry





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