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On March 9, 2011, the 10th International Door Industry Exhibition, known as the first exhibition of Asian door industry, was grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The exhibition has a scale of 110000 square meters, more than 1000 exhibitors, more than 6000 booths, and more than 100000 visitors. It is an industry event with high popularity in the home building materials industry

at this door industry exhibition, as a pioneer and leading enterprise in China's wood door industry, the cubic wood door products of Hongqiao enterprise group, with its huge exhibition scale, high-end brand image and innovative product design, attracted the attention of a large number of exhibitors and news media, and were highly praised by industry experts. The exhibition area of paicubic wooden door is the second largest booth. The exhibition hall has high-end design, elegant and modern decoration, and rich and diverse display means, which shows the enterprise status and strength of paicubic brand. Among the many booths, it is unique and outstanding. This time, 30 products were exhibited, which is a centralized display of the medium and high-end mainstream products of PCM, and also a perfect bloom of the flower of high-end original design of Chinese wooden doors

Sina, sofang, Sohu and other network and industry media paid great attention to the exhibition. The chairman and general manager of the wooden door of the party also became the object of many media interviews on the opening day of the exhibition

as far as picturesque wooden door is concerned, this exhibition is also a good platform for picturesque wooden door to establish its brand image and further enhance its brand influence. Hongqiao enterprise group has many years of professional production experience. It is also a pioneer and leader in China's creative wood door industry. Its equipment technology is leading the country, its product design is synchronized with the world, and its brand influence is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, making outstanding contributions to the development of China's wood door industry





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