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As a listed brand, Aobang Rongyu will face various challenges in the market, and is committed to a new definition of the brand, and through accurate brand strategy and design, let it land in the market competition, and build a complete brand core value system of Aobang Rongyu

Zhonglei assists Aobang Rongyu brand in its brand path to the Chinese market through the original "360 degree brand building expert" system. Build a complete brand core value system of Aobang Rongyu based on fruitful brand opportunity analysis, brand core value, brand positioning and brand image building

first, meet the requirements of consumer value, determine the core value of the brand

establish differentiated brand occupation, seek differentiated blue ocean market in the red ocean field of the market, and improve brand awareness and market influence, which is where brand value lies

according to the in-depth analysis of consumers, the main target audience of yuanmumen is the successful people of the middle and rich classes. They are the newly rich class who have jumped from the low level of the original society. After the economic income has greatly increased, they are eager to show the changes of their status to the society in order to obtain the respect and recognition of the society. Therefore, when purchasing and consuming, they pay more attention to showing their identity, status, taste Values

from the analysis of the value needs of consumers, it is not difficult to find that for the brand of high-end raw wood doors, it reflects the identity, dignity, status, taste and desire for success of consumers, and it shows an attitude of consumers towards life, a noble taste of life pursuit of "luxurious life, expensive nature". It can be said that the original wooden door brings people a life experience of dignity, taste and nature, from which the identity and value of consumers can be perfectly interpreted

when consumers' perception of brands and products is consistent with their own value system, consumers will make positive purchase behavior. Through the analysis of consumers' value needs, we clearly realize that consumers' purchase of raw wood doors is more derived from the pursuit of noble, tasteful and natural aristocratic life of "luxurious life, noble nature", so as to highlight their identity and value, so as to obtain social respect and recognition. Therefore, when building Aobang Rongyu brand value system, we must be consistent with the mental resources of consumers before we can have emotional resonance with them

Second, based on the market, explore brand opportunities

with the continuous development of social economy, the continuous acceleration of urbanization and the impact of favorable policy environment, China's wood door industry has also entered a period of rapid development. According to the latest new year's statistics, in 2011, China's wood door output was more than 140 million yuan, the output value was 88 billion yuan, and wrote the legend of the development of the wood door industry with an average annual growth rate of 250

at present, the industry market concentration of the whole wooden door industry is still at a low level, with broad market prospects, low industrial entry barriers, new enterprises constantly joining, and fierce competition in the industry, which leads to the lack of benchmarking leading brands in the industry, making regional brands in the industry still the strong ones in the market, and small enterprise small brand war is the mainstream of the current market

the market is large and small. Facing the fierce competition in China's raw wood door market, as a new brand, we must build a brand and comprehensively improve the market value of the brand with a differentiated brand strategy

third, alienate positioning and establish brand awareness

in today's consumer market, although most gate brands respond to the value and interests of consumers, no enterprise attaches great importance to and excavates this as a brand, which undoubtedly leaves a good virgin land for Aobang Rongyu brand. Therefore, taking dignity, taste and nature as the core values of the brand, combined with the brand gene of Aobang Rongyu, it is a very important link to create a differentiated brand positioning, shape a unique brand image, and occupy the minds of consumers

in the process of their development, in order to show their own identity, status and taste, the nobles have unique requirements for the material, process and style of the wooden door products they use, which meet their own needs. Therefore, to occupy the minds of consumers and resonate with the emotions of consumer products, it is necessary to integrate the material and spiritual elements representing noble culture into the products, so as to form a unique style wooden door product with deep noble cultural connotation, Highlight the value of consumers' material and emotional interests

for the target consumer groups of the middle class and the rich class, Aobang Rongyu is a master of noble wooden door culture, inheriting the historical log family Tiffany Opal family's door making concept and exquisite craftsmanship to create noble and powerful families. Through in-depth study of noble culture in various countries, select rare and beautiful wood around the world, and apply the material and spiritual elements it represents to the design and production of wooden door products with handed down secret technology, so as to form a unique style with profound noble cultural connotation, and bring noble, tasteful and natural noble wooden door cultural experience to consumers, Highlight noble life taste and identity symbol. Meet their inner recognition and longing for noble life taste and noble identity symbol

I believe that after systematic brand planning, the brand image of Aobang Rongyu will be refreshed and achieve better results in the future. Let's look forward to it





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