There is a home style called Alsace

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There is a saying, whether a person is beautiful or not, looking at his back, but being beautiful as an immortal can also be disappointing. However, temperament can't hide it. The elegance revealed in every move comes from inside to outside. People have temperament, and so does home

there is a saying

is it beautiful to see the back

but it's as beautiful as heaven

can also be disappointing

however, temperament can't hide the elegance

revealed in every gesture

, From inside to outside

people have temperament

so does home

there is a kind of home style

called Alsace

one: a good mood starts from the porch

shoe cabinet

▲ where you enter the door is the porch, and the shoe cabinet that is suitable for the side and not suitable for the middle gives people a clean and tidy feeling. Empty the middle of the shoe cabinet to facilitate the storage of keys, mobile phones and other miscellaneous items; The shoe changing stool and the hanging design at the bottom make you feel warm and considerate when you go home, and you can easily change shoes without bending down; Then hang a pair of pleasing murals on the wall to create a fashionable and exquisite atmosphere. A beautiful day begins with changing shoes

two: little fun embellishes the quiet beauty of the years

TV cabinet

▲ clear lines, gentle and natural, the perfect CP combination of angel white and high light, elegant and fashionable, time seems to slow down, and the quiet space reflects Alsace's introverted taste

▲ simple one-sided hanging cabinet, extended storage, can't hide a heart of love for collection

▲ love travel, love life, a simple picture, are all lovely life

three: taste of life

wine cabinet

▲ Alsace series wine cabinet, integrated with the visual effect of the principle of symmetry, the magic mocha and the primary color zebra complement each other, and the lines and contours complement each other, The wine cabinet replaced the trouble of decorating the wall, as if the wind was flowing. Even without wine, it was intoxicating

four: place of scholarly interest


▲ it is a school of its own: 90 degree arc bookcase integrated cabinet, set against the wall, the combination of open and semi open, and a whole row of storage cabinets can store things and display. Reserve enough space for the study, so that you can get what you want anytime, anywhere, whether it's office or leisure. The color matching of Liubo black stripe and primary zebra is the finishing touch, making everything look easy

▲ two in one: if you are a copywriter, designer, programmer, etc. who is particularly dependent on computers, a long desk may be a good choice. Don't worry about mountains of manuscripts around you, and don't be afraid that no one will collide with you ideologically to inspire other kinds of inspiration

five: place of rest


▲ light colored bedsheets and white ceilings, coupled with the super modern Alsace series, reveal an introverted and deep temperament. Use the color from light to deep, and naturally lay out the space in sequence, so that the sleeping space will not be too depressed. The ingenious design of the dresser reveals the carefree elegance of the host's home

▲ the top bedside table design gives full play to the use of space, and clothes, books and other sundries have a perfect habitat. The embedded apple green storage grid makes the space fresh and natural; Hang a few murals you love, comfortable and decompressed, giving people the enjoyment of visual beauty, and the quiet night is no longer lonely

I wonder if this Alsace series is Zhong Jun's favorite? Don't worry, I'm waiting for you in Hesheng Yaju




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