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Although the health and environmental protection issues of coatings have increasingly received common attention in the industry, and powder coatings and water-based coatings are gradually replacing traditional coatings, it is undeniable that coating products containing substances harmful to health are still busy in some small and medium-sized factories. Even if the formal brand coating enterprises, products can not completely eliminate the existence of harmful substances. According to a spot check conducted in Guangdong Province at the end of last year, 32 batches of waterproof coating products produced by 28 enterprises in 8 cities (districts) were inspected. After inspection, 25 batches were qualified, and the qualification rate of product sampling batches was 78.1%. Unqualified items mainly contain harmful substances (free formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene + ethylbenzene + xylene, anthracene, naphthalene, free TDI). These are related to whether the supervision is fully in place, and also related to the reduction of costs and the use of cheap raw materials by enterprises. Some enterprises do not have the ability to self detect harmful substances, and have a weak awareness of taking the initiative to submit for inspection

the harm of paint harmful substances to consumers has been attracting much attention. As front-line production and application personnel, they are actually serious victims of paint harmful substances, and their health problems have increasingly become one of the social concerns. For example, in paint production, organic solvent poisoning often damages nerves, respiratory tract, kidneys, hematopoietic function, cardiovascular system, etc. employees often suffer from dizziness, high blood pressure, restlessness, delusion, mental abnormalities, convulsions, coma, and even death in the more serious cases. For example, if formaldehyde exceeds the standard, employees may be induced allergic rhinitis and bronchitis, or cause liver, myocardial, lung and kidney neurotoxicity, as well as insomnia, inattention, memory loss, emotional abnormality, loss of appetite, abortion, infertility and other "occupational disease" symptoms. As the applicator of paint, in recent years, typical "occupational diseases" such as leukemia and cancer often occur among decoration workers. Benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, alkanes and other harmful substances in the paint will cause skin and mucous membrane irritation, sore throat, nausea and vomiting, cough, chest tightness, asthma and even pulmonary edema, damage to the nervous system and hematopoietic system, and serious cases may die of heart failure

the shocking current situation of "occupational diseases" of coating related practitioners, in addition to alerting the government to strengthen the supervision of coating enterprises and prompting coating enterprises to speed up the development of environmental protection technology, practitioners themselves should also increase their awareness of protection. For example, many decoration practitioners have been exposed to paint for a long time without taking any protective measures. Many builders are used to eating and sleeping in the decorated room. In this regard, employees should have the necessary understanding of toxic substances in paint, wear gas masks at work, and have regular physical examination to prevent trouble




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