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"Internet + customer service", how enterprises walk gracefully in the cloud

customer service is being reshaped. In the face of major access media, audiences of all ages, and various connected mobile devices, Internet + customer service is giving full play to the optimization and integration of Internet in the allocation of social resources, deeply integrating the innovative achievements of Internet into customer service, and improving the innovation and productivity of the entire customer service industry, Form a broader new form of customer service development based on Internet as infrastructure and implementation tool

relevant research reports show that since 2006, there has been the exploration of multimedia customer center in China. With the development of mobile Internet, the outbreak of social media and the rise of manufacturers providing SaaS customer service for mobile terminals have promoted the rapid development of all media customer service. In the increasingly high tide of customer service reform, how can enterprises comply with the changes of social and economic environment and walk gracefully in the cloud

integration of customer service channels and enhancement of multi-faceted customer contact

the development of communication technology has brought about customer service modes other than email, SMS, etc., and the customer service carrier has begun to change. When the mobile Internet emerged as a catalyst, information was spread more quickly, more flat, more anytime, anywhere, and cuts should be made after aging, which gave birth to the wide application of a series of innovative channels and carriers such as microblog, and app among customers. It is time for enterprises to restructure customer service channels

corresponding to the change of customer service carrier, the core demand of customers for service acquisition is unchanged, which includes real-time, convenient, reassuring, efficient and other aspects. When technological change impacts the constant internal needs of customers again and again, the way to obtain information and services is reconstructed, and the characteristics of online, mobile and social are quickly presented. Facing the impact brought by mobile Internet, enterprises should actively innovate their own service methods, and can no longer be limited to providing customer service in the traditional sense. Instead, they need to focus on using social dividends, channel advantages, mobile trends, etc. to increase contact and improve communication with customers, and constantly meet the changing needs of customers

taking a traditional enterprise as an example, in improving communication with customers, it has gradually launched services through different channels, such as SMS, Weibo, etc., which has enriched the channels of contact with customers. In terms of service form, on the basis of providing 724 hours of manual consultation, multimedia methods such as text, pictures and video links are added. In terms of service strategy, manual service focuses more on meeting personalized and complex consulting needs, while self-service focuses on meeting the consistent and standardized query needs of accounting information and financial information. At present, the overall business volume of the service has reached more than 7 times of the manual work, and the self-service rate has exceeded 95%, effectively saving social resources

take the early and comprehensive yatchuang cloud customer service () developed by SaaS customer service manufacturers as an example. It integrates 10 user feedback channels, such as e-mail, SMS, page form, feedback component, microblog, Im, Mobile SDK, API interface, etc., to facilitate users to call and obtain services anytime and anywhere according to their own needs. The integration of Omni channel cloud customer service has changed the problem of user experience fragmentation caused by the fragmentation of customer service channels. The feedback on access can realize user identification and send it to special personnel for processing, providing users with a consistent service experience

in addition, Yichuang cloud customer service platform has integrated solutions for Enterprise Cloud customer service systems, such as call center system, Omni channel integration system, work order system, help center system, intelligent robot system, discussion community system, etc., to help enterprises solve customer problems by themselves and reduce the pressure of customer service by more than 70%; Yattrong cloud customer service also supports PC end and mobile app end, which facilitates customer service to solve and handle problems anytime, anywhere, and realize the comprehensive upgrade of enterprise customer service in a one-stop manner

redefining the customer service focus and finding the value contribution of long tail customers

the development of economy has brought about changes in the service carrier and a transparent, efficient, free and fair market environment, which makes it easier and more convenient for customers to obtain services and goods, thus impacting traditional enterprises and gradually shifting the competitive focus of enterprises to customer service and experience. The customer service work of enterprises has naturally been pushed to the outlet of Internet +, which means that it is very important for enterprises to accurately locate customer concerns in services, create demand and compete for customers through services

the author believes that comprehensive, platform based and scene based services are more conducive to keep the excavation clean (it is better to clean after each experiment); The sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate shall be kept clean and meet the deep-seated needs of customers

Internet companies represented by bat (referring to Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) have integrated product flow, information flow and capital flow with cross-border thinking, so that customers can obtain one-stop related services, which is comprehensive; The traditional enterprise customer service center provided a relatively single channel in the early stage, and gradually launched new channels such as SMS and. However, with the increase of contact points, the shortcomings of relatively fragmented channels and large functional differences gradually emerged. At this stage, the multi-channel multimedia platform based customer service center with customer experience as the core is more in line with customers' appetite; Mobile Internet brings mobile scenarios such as, Momo, and o2o scenario services such as didi taxi and Dianping group purchase, which makes people's behavior more fragmented, integrated, online and offline integrated. Embedding scenario services in fragmented life makes it more detailed, personalized and humanized for customers

in addition, some enterprises invest limited resources in high-end customers in consideration of balancing costs and benefits according to the "28" rule. This is not very desirable. In the Internet + era, enterprises should redefine the value of long tail customers on the customer service platform, contribute profits, gather popularity, improve public praise and brand. Take Yichuang cloud customer service as an example. Its work order system will record customer information in detail. Customer service can be called at any time during service, so that enterprises can clearly distinguish between new and old users in the bell ringing ceremony, and provide more accurate and customized services to improve customer experience and satisfaction

a research report shows that since 2014, China's SaaS customer service field represented by yattrong cloud customer service has attracted a large number of investors, with a total investment of more than $50million. After ten years of fermentation and sedimentation, the customer center is upgrading from voice call center and page end customer service to a unified customer service platform with all media architecture. As the first enterprise in China to introduce the cloud customer service concept into China, Yichuang cloud customer service has been established for five years. With the purpose of making enterprise users more satisfied, customer service more efficient and management easier, Yichuang cloud customer service has built the most stable and secure one-stop SaaS cloud customer service system in China, and has always insisted on continuously improving products from the perspective of customers, customer service and managers. At present, the products of yattrong cloud customer service range from call center, work order system, SDK intelligent robot to help center, discussion community, user system and lightweight CRM system. It has won the trust of 40000 + excellent enterprise customers at home and abroad, such as Baidu, 360, ape question bank, Shentong, Uber, Didi, meituan and hungry. Its customers cover traditional and Internet industries such as retail, e-commerce, communication, manufacturing, software and hardware, o2o, etc

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