Precautions for the use of glass adhesive powder

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It is a kind of rubber sealant with room temperature vulcanization accelerator and silicone rubber powder as the main material. It is a kind of rubber sealant with good anti-aging properties. It can be used for sealing glass, ceramics, aluminum alloy, oil-free wood, brick, ceramic tile and other general building materials. It can be used for waterproof, but not for the assembly of structural glass

in the process of using glass adhesive powder, we should pay attention to:

1. Use: one component silicone glass adhesive can be used immediately. It is easy to beat it out of the plastic bottle with a glue gun, and its surface can be trimmed with a spatula or wood chip

2. Adhesion time: the curing process of silicone rubber powder develops inward from the surface, and the surface drying time and curing time of silica gel with different characteristics are different (for detailed description of curing time, please refer to the content of technical parameters in Chapter IV). Therefore, if the surface is to be repaired, it must be carried out before the surface drying of glass adhesive (acid adhesive and neutral transparent adhesive should generally be within minutes, and neutral variegated adhesive should generally be within 30 minutes). If color separation paper is used to cover a certain place, after gluing, it must be removed before the outer skin is formed

3. Curing time: the curing time of glass adhesive powder increases with the increase of bonding thickness. For example, acid glass adhesive with a thickness of 12mm may take days to set, but within about 24 hours, 3mm outer layer has been cured. When bonding glass, metal or most wood, it has a peel strength of 20 pounds per inch after 72 hours at room temperature. If the place where glass glue is used is partially or completely closed, the curing time is determined by the tightness of the sealing. In an absolutely closed place, it is possible to keep it from curing forever. Increasing the temperature will soften the glass glue. The gap between metal and metal bonding surface shall not exceed 25mm. In various bonding occasions where the global smart home market will reach US $79.3 billion in 2021, including closed conditions, the bonding effect of bonded equipment should be comprehensively checked before use

during the curing process, acid glass adhesive powder will produce a smell due to the volatilization of acetic acid. This smell will disappear during the curing process and there will be no peculiar smell after curing

4. Bonding: A. completely wipe the metal and plastic surfaces and remove oil stains. Then, in addition to rinsing all surfaces with acetone, the rubber powder surface shall be polished with sandpaper and then wiped with acetone. Please observe the precautions when using acetone. B. Apply the glass glue evenly on the prepared object surface. If the two surfaces are bonded, first find the position of one side and then squeeze the other side with enough force to squeeze out the air, but be careful not to squeeze the glass glue. C. Place the bonding device at room temperature and wait for the glass adhesive powder to solidify

5. Sealing: when silicone glass adhesive is used for sealing, it is also carried out according to the above steps. Squeeze the glass adhesive into the joint surface or gap to make the glass adhesive powder fully contact with the surface

6. Cleaning: before curing, the glass adhesive can be wiped off with cloth or paper towel, and after curing, it must be scraped off with a scraper or scrubbed with solvents such as xylene and acetone

7. Precautions: acid glass adhesive will release irritating gas during curing, which is irritating to human eyes and respiratory tract, accounting for 27.5% of the total market. Alcohol based neutral adhesive releases methanol during curing. Methanol has potential carcinogenic risk and is a known skin and respiratory allergen. Volatile gas will inflame eyes, nose and throat. Therefore, the product should be used in a well ventilated environment to avoid entering the eyes or contacting the skin for a long time (wash hands after use, before eating and smoking), and should not be swallowed. Keep out of reach of children; The construction site shall be well ventilated; In case of accidental splashing into eyes, rinse with clean water and seek medical advice immediately. The fully cured glass adhesive has no danger

8. General guide: before use, please carefully read the correct construction method and use of glass glue, and pay attention to the instructions on safe use and hazards to health

9. Storage and storage period: glass glue should be stored in a cool and dry place below 30 ℃. The acid glass adhesive powder with good quality can ensure the effective storage period of more than 12 months, and the general acid glass adhesive can be stored for more than 6 months; Neutral weather resistant and structural adhesive can guarantee the shelf life of more than 9 months. If the bottle has been opened, please use it up in a short time; If the glass glue powder is not used up, the glue powder bottle must be sealed. When it is used again, unscrew the bottle mouth to remove all obstructions achieved by painting or replace the bottle mouth. China glass () Department


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