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Gallon Liter Plastic Flasks Liquor Cruise Pouches Reusable Liquid Spout Bags Transparent Drinking Pouch Gallon Liter Plastic Flasks Liquor Cruise Pouches Reusable Liquid Spout Bags Transparent Drinking Pouch Plastic Flasks Liquor Cruise Pouches Reusable Liquid Spout BagsTransparent Drinking PouchCurrently, freezer bags commonly used in our lives come in variousforms, such as vacuum freezer bags, freezer bags for meat, freeze vegetable bags and insulated frozen food bags. At present, the plastic flexible packaging used in the frozen foodfield is mainly divided into two categories: One type is composite packaging, which uses adhesives to bond twoplastic films together. The adhesives mostly contain harmfulsubstances such as esters and benzene, which can easily penetrateinto food and cause pollution. The second category is the international advanced multi-layerco-extrusion high barrier packaging. It is produced withenvironmentally friendly packaging materials, with five, seven andnine layers. It does not use adhesives but uses more than 3extruders to melt and extrude resin materials with differentfunctions such as PA, PE, PP, PET, EVOH, etc., respectively. It hasthe characteristics of pollution-free, high barrier, high strength,flexible structure, etc., which makes the production process offood packaging and packaging materials achieve pollution-free. Forexample, the seven-layer co-extruded high-barrier package iscomposed of more than two layers of nylon, which greatly improvesthe tensile and tear strength of the package. It can withstand lowtemperature of -45℃ and high temperature of 120℃, and the vacuumdegree can reach 100%. It is not easy to break and freeze. It isresistant to high and low temperature, storage and transportation,and easy to keep. It can effectively avoid food oxidativedeterioration and moisture loss, inhibit microbial reproduction,and extend the shelf life of frozen food. With the progress of society, the improvement of people's livingstandards and the acceleration of the pace of life, people areeager to reduce kitchen work. Frozen food is favored by peoplebecause of its convenience and variety. Vacuum seal freezer bags are an important part of frozen products. What are the precautionsfor frozen bags for food? Characteristics of Frozen Packaging Bags1. Cold resistance The production, storage, circulation and sales of frozen food mustbe kept in a frozen state, so packaging materials should becold-resistant. There are many irregular lumps on the surface offrozen food, which can easily cause cracks, punctures and pinholesin the packaging materials. The cold resistance of packagingmaterials not only refers to the characteristics of non-whiteningand brittleness at low temperatures, but also refers to the impactstrength, tear strength, puncture strength, pinhole resistance andsealing integrity at low temperatures. Most plastic films have a certain degree of cold resistance, butthey tend to harden and impact strength decline at lowtemperatures. The cold resistance strength is preferably stretchednylon (PA), PET and OPP, etc., which are often used as the outerlayer material of frozen food packaging film or composite film. Thepuncture strength of the packaging material is related to thepackaging method, partition and buffer layer placement method. Foritems stored in the refrigerator, the cold resistance of freezer reusable bags is one of the basic properties. In fact, there are some freezerbags suitable for refrigerators, such as seal freezer bags, zip popsicle bags and catering freezer bags. 2. Water resistance and moisture barrier Frozen food uses low temperature to suppress food deterioration,and moisture exists in the frozen food as fine ice crystals. Frozenfood needs to control environmental conditions during storage,transportation, and circulation, and select materials with goodmoisture barrier and water resistance. The water vapor transmissionrate of most plastic films at low temperatures is much lower thanat high temperatures. 3. Oxygen barrier During the long-term storage, transportation and sales of frozenfood, the surface of the food is in a dry state, which is prone tooxidative discoloration, freeze-burning, and qualitative changessuch as peculiar smell or loss of flavor. Therefore, packagingmaterials with low oxygen transmission rate and good fragranceretention are required. 4. Thermal insulation With the popularity of convenience foods and the use of microwaveovens, frozen foods are required to withstand hot water, steam andheating in microwave ovens. YANTAI BAGEASE PACKAGING PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. CUSTOM PACKAGING PRODUCTS MADE TO YOUR EXACT SPECS. WWW.BAGPLASTICS.CN BAGPLASTICS@VIP.163.COM WWW.BAG-PLASTICS.COM WHATSAPP:008613780964661 vacuum freezer bagsfreezer bags for meatfreeze vegetable bagsinsulated frozen food bagsvacuum seal freezer bagsfrozen bags for foodfreezer reusable bagsseal freezer bagszip popsicle bagscatering freezer bags.content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;}.content_format td{ padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc;}.content_format { line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ;}.content_format p{ margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px;} Product Tags: shrink film bottle spout flexible packaging Gallon Liter Plastic Flasks Liquor Cruise Pouches Reusable Liquid Spout Bags Transparent Drinking Pouch YANTAI BAGEASE PACKAGING PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. 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To go through a composting process, organic wasterequires the right level of heat, water, and oxygen.Oxo-degradableOxo-Degradable are mainly based on polyethylene and containadditives that cause the plastic to degrade.The additives are typically organic compounds of transition metals(such as cobalt, iron, nickel, and manganese).Oxidative degradation is a complex series of chemical reactions inwhich the long chains of polyethylene molecules are broken downinto shorter lengths by the action of oxygen,ultra-violet light and/or heat. This degradation process causesdeterioration in the strength of the plastic, which becomes brittleand easily fragments into small pieces.Biodegradable Non Woven BagsThis new and innovative green technology is designed to replace thetraditional non-woven “Green Bag”,currently available in supermarkets and retail chains across theworld.This revolutionary development also means that consumers can nowtake home a reusable non-woven bag,use it over an over again and compost it at the end of its lifecycle.Manufactured from a combination of plant starch and otherbiodegradable constituents, our compostable wovenbags,including the ink and thread used in the manufacture process, hasbeen engineered to meet all international standard requirements forbiodegradability and compostability.When disposed of into a composting environment,our bags in itsentirety will break down into hummus, water and carbon dioxide in amatter of weeks.we are proud to offer you this latest addition to our extensiveproduct range.Give your business and your customers the green and environmentallysustainable choice of bag.Contact us to find out how our bags can assist your business intaking an environmentally responsible step forward. 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