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Qilu Petrochemical rubber plant actively tests the coagulation drying process

recently, outside an inconspicuous plant in the northeast corner of the plant, the pump was running briskly at the pilot test site of molybdenum rubber in Qilu Petrochemical rubber plant. The device looks calm and busy inside. Some workers are adjusting the valve opening, some are discussing problems, and others are running upstairs and downstairs

next to the dryer on the second floor, the workers are paying attention to the dehydration and extrusion, and constantly adjusting the equipment parameters, so 1 it is necessary to adjust and record a set of data. Accompanied by the diffuse heat, clouds of white colloidal particles fall into the extrusion dehydration and drying machine. Technician sunyanling said that what is being done is the condensation test of molybdenum rubber. This is a new kind of rubber, which can be used in tire tread. It has good wet skid resistance and low rolling resistance. The use of carbon fiber composites will undoubtedly get further growth force, and has good compatibility with natural rubber. It is an ideal elastomer material for preparing high-speed tires. The current experiment is to explore the technological conditions of coagulation drying

at the discharge port of the all-in-one machine, the workers are loading the rubber particles into the plastic bag, and the white rubber particles can be taken out of the sample for experiment. It is strip-shaped and pinched by hand, so the whole machine is high in cost, dry and elastic. Next to the wall, there are plastic bags filled with glue. The time and batch number are written on the bag. Next to it, there is an enamel plate with collected samples. The rubber with labels is very beautiful. "This is the product tested today. These data are collected for the development of a 30000 ton process package in cooperation with Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry." Sun Yanling went on to say that there was a lot of data to be collected, and the test would continue, but after today's data came out, the test conditions of rubber were basically found

the test has lasted for several months. They constantly adjust the test conditions and adjust the process in time according to the problems. Data came out one by one, bags of rubber came out, and everyone's face was filled with success pride. "The test conditions here are very difficult, and the test stage is all manual operation, and the technical requirements are also very high. For the future development of the rubber factory, they overcome difficulties and continue to explore." Song Peijun, Secretary of the Party branch of the central laboratory, often visited the test site and was moved by the staff's dedication to their work

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