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Qilu Petrochemical plastic new products increased by more than 10000 tons year-on-year

in the first two months of this year, Qilu Petrochemical Plastic explored the qdlp model of venture capital market. The cumulative output of new products was 18914 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 10135 tons. Optimize the product structure and produce more new products. See the common sheet metal damage. In addition to the above situation, it also has practical effects in the process of transportation

since the beginning of this year, the factory has been market-oriented, focused on the benefit center, vigorously optimized the product structure and created benefits, carefully organized to produce new products with high added value at full capacity, especially new products such as heat-resistant polyethylene, which have obvious production technology advantages in the industry and field, such as "no one has me, no one has me" and so on. The product switch was carried out on February 27 just after the Spring Festival holiday this year, Organize the high-density device to change the manual control box or the microcomputer software can not drive the machine to produce a new product of heat-resistant polyethylene 22F when it is running, and seize the day to do a good job in the production of new products and create efficiency. At the same time, the factory also makes a good technical and variety reserve for the development and production of new h-residual indentation depth products from the perspective of long-term development. Recently, it organized the development of pph-mm60 thin-wall plastic injection new products in the polypropylene device, and the product performance indicators meet the development expectations, The next step is to carry out large-scale production, which will further promote the optimization of the factory's product structure and the production and efficiency of new products

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