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Qilu Petrochemical plastics plant incubated 27 innovative achievements

on January 3, the exhaust gas recovery system of the high-density polyethylene unit of Qilu Petrochemical plastics plant operated stably for 105 days, with a new operating cycle. The recovery efficiency of the system and the total amount of recovery increased synchronously, marking a breakthrough in this field of technological innovation

achievements come from unremitting efforts. In 2017, the plant Party committee and all grass-roots party branches adhered to the principle of "integrating into the center, serving the overall situation, being pragmatic and effective", and promoted the grass-roots party organizations and Party members to integrate into the enterprise's innovation and efficiency work, and promoted the innovation and efficiency of all employees with the innovation and efficiency of Party organizations and Party members through the methods of Party member breakthrough and efficiency creation, Party member pioneer units, and the selection of "Party member stars" organized by the plant Party committee, Successfully "incubated" 27 innovative achievements such as the seriation production and development of qhm32f metallocene products, helped adjust the product structure, improve product quality, reduce production costs, and promote the independent innovation and development of the plant

the branch fortress accurately makes efforts to ensure the effect

according to the requirements of the "deepening year" of the party construction of the Party committee of the company, the Party committee and all grass-roots party branches of the plant give full play to their organizational advantages, build an innovation platform, coordinate and solve problems, lead technological breakthroughs, and promote the smooth development of innovation and efficiency

the Party committee of the factory and all grass-roots party branches regularly organize party members and cadres to hold innovation work seminars to jointly sort out the pain points of failure to achieve "fast, accurate and flexible" in the process of production and operation, analyze and locate abnormal problems, predict the trend of events, plan around the overall plan of improving quality and efficiency and the company's innovation and efficiency. If the installation of the tension testing machine is incorrect, it will affect the experimental results and even the machine itself, and discuss the direction of innovation development, Establish the specific content of innovation and efficiency creation work, and do a good job in the establishment of innovation and efficiency creation projects. We should make use of new media and new technologies to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the innovation work, and promote the breakthrough of innovative technologies. At the same time, the implementation of innovation work in each workshop and the achievement of objectives, as well as the actual performance of innovation team members in the innovation work, will be assessed as an important reference for all kinds of excellence promotion, guide cadres, Party members and workers to promote the improvement of business level with daily application, promote the improvement of innovation level with the improvement of business level, and encourage cadres, Party members and workers to constantly find pain points, solve difficulties, and form bright spots. When conditions are ripe, Hold the innovation achievement press conference of the unit to promote the continuous development of innovation and efficiency creation activities

The report of the 19th CPC National Congress proposed that innovation is the first driving force to lead development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. The report emphasized innovation more than 50 times. The Party committee of the plastic factory and all grass-roots party branches use the form of "three meetings and one lesson" to lead the majority of Party members to seriously study the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, educate and mobilize the majority of Party members, actively think about the content of the device "scientific research and development, new product development, technical research", and so on, develop new breakthroughs, solve practical problems, strive to innovate and create excellence, and make contributions to safe production

party members of all grassroots workshops actively participate in activities such as "theme party day" and "party members' tackling key problems and creating efficiency", carry out exchanges and discussions on their new understanding of innovation issues and new technologies, pool their strength and focus on solving major technical problems encountered in tackling key problems and creating efficiency activities, and promote the effective implementation of innovation and key problems. After completing the technical breakthrough, the party members of the workshop will carry out the adaptive transformation of the device according to the arrangement of the workshop and the innovation plan, carry out special training for front-line workers, implement the innovation plan, and ensure that the innovation projects are put into practice and bear fruit

Wang Tao, a technician in the high-density polyethylene workshop and a young Party member, offered advice and suggestions for innovative projects such as improving the quality of catalyst in the high-density polyethylene unit, ethylene Malaysia regards China as the most sincere and reliable friend, system rapid start-up optimization, adaptability transformation of metallocene products, research on the activity of metallocene catalyst, and worked with Party members and colleagues to tackle key problems, transforming the objectives of the innovation plan into real productivity one by one. Among them, the "cryogenic recovery of flare gas from HDPE unit" project has created a precedent for the low-temperature separation of tail gas in the same industry in the world, led a new situation in the recovery of polyolefin tail gas in China, and achieved a bumper harvest of safety and environmental benefits. Excellent party members such as Wang Tao who have emerged in the work of innovation and efficiency creation are all included in the selection of the "star of Party members" of the Party branch of the grass-roots workshop, selected and reported, and participated in the activity of "looking for the brightest Party emblem" organized by the Party committee of the factory. Through the publicity and promotion of innovative models of Party members in the whole factory, we will guide and drive the employees to carry out a series of innovation and key research activities closely around the central work of production and operation

In 2017, based on the mutual evaluation of the basic accounts of each innovation team, the factory irregularly evaluated the development of innovation work in each workshop, organized experience exchange, displayed innovation achievements and promoted innovation experience through networks, product picture display, achievement release and other ways, and formed a closed-loop working mode of "formulation of project plan at the beginning of the year, evaluation and supervision of implementation process, and recognition and reward of year-end achievements", It has boosted the innovation enthusiasm of employees, enhanced their innovation motivation, stimulated their innovation vitality, and provided new driving forces for the innovation and development of enterprises

the majority of cadres and workers of the plant have been based on their own duties, overcome difficulties, transcend themselves, continue to innovate, and have achieved fruitful results: the high-density polyethylene workshop is the first in China to use cryogenic separation technology to achieve device exhaust. As long as there is room for research, our technology will always be the earliest recycling of exhaust gas, with an annual benefit of more than 10 million yuan. Its process package is promoted in similar devices across the country. The linear low density polyethylene workshop has realized the development and production of roll plastic series products, with an annual benefit of more than 10 million yuan. The high-performance special materials developed and produced by the polypropylene workshop, such as high rigidity, high toughness, high transparency and high gloss, filled many domestic gaps when this standard was published, with an annual benefit of more than 9 million yuan. The styrene workshop has completed the debottleneck transformation project of Ethylbenzene/styrene tower separation tower, which can achieve an annual efficiency of more than 6 million yuan. The exhaust gas recovery technology of high-pressure polyethylene workshop is the first at home and abroad, and has become a patent, which is an advanced level at home and abroad

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