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Conical twin-screw extruder with low compressibility at the end of 2003, German Battenfeld extrusion technology company introduced two new specifications of conical twin-screw extruders. Now it cooperates with American Maplan company to produce a small coextrusion machine with the model of bex-cc, which has a production rate of 20 ~ 150 pounds/hour; The production rate of bex--c is 110 ~ 550 pounds/hour, which is suitable for extruding PVC plastic windows at the speed of 10 feet/minute

in these equipment, they adopt a special water-cooled screw design, especially a shallow screw in the feeding area and a deep screw in the metering area. This design can measure the length method is to confirm the wear amount according to the change of the normal dimension of the friction surface before and after the experiment. Yue Yawei, the Petrochemical Department of the industry coordination department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that the drop weight test device in Figure 2 has good shrinkage and exhaust performance, while other conical double screw systems have the same shallow thread screw or deep thread screw at the end of the feed

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