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Qilu Petrochemical new pipe special material fills the domestic gap

recently, the first batch of 500 tons of new pipe special material qhm22f developed and produced by Qilu Petrochemical was loaded and delivered. This product has no production precedent in China, filling the blank of the market for special materials for similar pipes. At present, Qilu Petrochemical has a daily production capacity of 500 tons of this special material

qhm22f is a special material for ethylene pipes with high temperature resistance. With the increase of the demand for downstream plastic products, it is widely used in the fields of building geothermal heating, metal pipes and so on. It has the advantages of good connection performance, long service life, good environmental protection flexibility and so on. The market prospect is promising. Under the general weakness of the high-density polyethylene product industry, the profitability of such products continues to strengthen

due to the high production technology and high safety risk of this product, there is a domestic demand of 200000 to 300000 tons per year, which is met by imports. "Due to equipment, technology and other reasons, we have a clear gap with foreign advanced enterprises in the production of such products." Sun Haitao, head of the production management department of Qilu Petrochemical plastic factory, said

"the gap is the potential, and tapping the potential is the benefit." Said Li Anxi, assistant general manager of the group company and general manager of Qilu Petrochemical. Qilu Petrochemical will fully promote the development of such products in combination with the actual production and in accordance with the management concept of "economic operation is the level"

the biggest problem they face is that the production technology of this special material has no precedent in China. Qilu Petrochemical has held seminars for many times to make careful arrangements for the development of new products, take measures to prevent risks, regularly replace oil suction filters and filter elements, and carry out production operations for the staff in the production workshop to meet the different needs of customers. The windows are transparent polycarbonate sheets, which should be informed and tested to ensure that the production process is safe

on March 31, the new product was successfully produced. After testing, all performance indicators reached the standards of similar foreign products. Experts believe that this special material, as a high-tech polyethylene product, will become another growth point of enterprise benefits

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