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Connotation and application of interactive packaging technology

Abstract: This paper analyzes the concept, connotation and characteristics of interactive packaging. This paper mainly introduces three kinds of interactive packaging technologies: sensory packaging, functional packaging and intelligent packaging, and focuses on the analysis and introduction of intelligent packaging from three aspects: material, structure and machinery. On the basis of summarizing the characteristics of various technologies, the application fields and development trends of interactive packaging technology are pointed out

Keywords: interactive packaging technology, sensory packaging, functional packaging, intelligent packaging

interactive packaging is a new concept that has emerged in the packaging field in recent years as a supplier who selects bioamber as a biological tiger to complete the pressure detection of C10, C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C45, C50, C55, C60, C65, C70, C75, C80, C85, C90, C95, c10019 grade concrete, At present, there is no complete and precise definition of this concept. Its main meaning is to establish a close relationship between products and consumers through the implementation of packaging materials and packaging means. The emergence of this concept further explains the relationship between packaging and products, emphasizing that packaging is a part of products, even the product itself. With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, there are more kinds of goods, and the role of packaging has far exceeded the definition of traditional packaging. Now consumers are not only paying attention to the product itself, but also realizing the function of packaging itself

according to the characteristics of interactive packaging technology, this paper introduces three main types of interactive packaging technology: sensory packaging, functional packaging and intelligent packaging

1 sensory packaging

sensory packaging refers to packaging that allows consumers to have an intuitive feeling about packaged products, including tactile, visual or olfactory feelings. ". For example, some feel that the package extracts the smell of internal products to attract guests, such as toast, chocolate or fruit, and the extracted smell is integrated into adhesives or coatings, making the whole packaging department full of attractive taste. There are also some packages with obvious texture and exaggerated visual effects. Another purpose of sensory packaging is to maintain the integrity of the product. For example, the manufacturer of potato chips adds the flavor of potato chips to the packaging materials of the product to prevent the flavor of potato chips

2 functional packaging

functional packaging is a scientific method to solve the packaging problems related to the contents. Dongliang (the actual product) used to protect the inside of the package does not lose any value. For example, a raised cover is added to the fruit juice packaging box to extend the shelf life and taste of the fruit juice during the heat sealing treatment

functional packaging is mainly reflected in protective materials and protective technology, such as antibacterial plastic, odor proof packaging, rust proof packaging, sterile packaging and safety packaging. For example, the commonly used antibacterial plastic can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms on its surface, so as to achieve the effect of preventing cross infection. In developed countries, antibacterial plastics are used in many public facilities, such as public microphones, public stair handrails, seats, etc. Hangzhou has launched some "antibacterial buses", whose armrests and seats are made of antibacterial plastic

functional packaging can also effectively protect the contents from external interference, such as blister packaging of drugs. A foreign printing enterprise printed the product slogan on the outside of a beverage packaging box and the barcode on the inside of the packaging box. Bar code printing is difficult to fake internally, so it plays a role in anti-counterfeiting

3 smart packaging

smart packaging refers to the packaging that has the function of "identification" and "judgment" of environmental factors. It can identify and display some important parameters such as the temperature, humidity, pressure, sealing degree and time of the packaging space. Strictly speaking, intelligent packaging should be part of functional packaging. It is embodied as follows: actively intervene and guarantee the quality and circulation safety of commodities by using new packaging materials, structures and forms; The plastic bottle manufacturers who use information to receive new entrants seldom know the technology of collection, management, control and processing to complete the optimal management of the transportation and packaging system. In a narrow sense, intelligent packaging mainly studies the tracking and monitoring of products through internal sensor elements or advanced bar codes and trademark information systems, and uses the principles of sensory packaging and functional packaging, which is commonly known as information-based intelligent packaging technology. At present, the intelligent packaging developed mainly includes intelligent packaging materials, intelligent packaging structures and intelligent packaging machinery

3.1 intelligent packaging materials

intelligent packaging materials usually include photoelectric, heat sensitive, humidity sensitive, gas sensitive and other functional materials, which can be widely used in food and drug packaging. For example, in food packaging, "smart" packaging can change the color, let customers know the freshness of food, and show whether food deterioration is caused by temperature changes or package leakage during storage. In addition, Coca Cola once did a promotional activity, in which there was a winning message hidden in the shrink film label of the product. Consumers must buy Coca Cola products and store them in the refrigerator to know whether they win the prize. This is because this label is printed with temperature sensitive ink, and can only be detected by the human eye when the temperature drops to a certain extent

now there are also smart labels. The labels designed by flying nul, a British trademark protection company, rely on the company's existing electromagnetic identification technology to work. This technology can produce magnetic material readable bar codes, which can increase the complexity of labels and make them not easy to be decoded or copied. Intelligent packaging materials by inch: long research and development cycle, high investment, so it is often used as a long-term research plan

3.2 intelligent packaging structure

intelligent packaging structure refers to the design, addition or improvement of some packaging structures, so that the packaging has some special functions and intelligent characteristics. At present, the intelligent structure is mainly improved in the direction of packaging automation and reliability, so as to increase the convenience and safety of goods

Faraday packaging partnership developed a new drug packaging, which can protect children through intelligent packaging structure

this structure requires that no force is needed to open the drug packaging shell (suitable for the elderly), but only smart and adult palms. As for children, because their palms are small, they cannot get drugs. Pauline king, a representative of the company, pointed out that traditional drug packaging often requires additional force, but it is too laborious for the elderly. For this reason, many people put drugs into more convenient medicine boxes, so that children can also easily get drugs. Another advantage of the new packaging is that it can be used repeatedly, which greatly reduces the amount of necessary raw materials and garbage, and also reduces the pollution to the surrounding environment. Compared with materials, intelligent packaging structure is more widely used in packaging because of its convenient improvement, low investment and short time

3.3 intelligent packaging machinery

in recent years, with the increasing demand for packaging machinery, there are more and more "intelligent" elements in packaging machinery, including modular design concept, remote diagnosis and other added functions. These intelligent elements make the assembly and maintenance of machinery easier, and in the process of product packaging, the requirements for packaging raw materials are reduced, so cheaper packaging materials can be used. This means that modern packaging machinery and equipment have the potential to reduce costs, and can more easily adapt to the flexible changes of the market, and ultimately shorten the return period of investment. Intelligent packaging machinery is mainly used in some fields, such as food, medicine, cosmetic crystal, candy, beverage, etc. on the fixture for some new materials and special materials

in addition to intelligent materials, structures and machinery, there are also some intelligent products with high scientific and technological content. It is reported that the University of San rafaele in Milan, Italy, has recently developed a "smart suit" that can monitor physical conditions at any time. As long as patients wear this suit, their life parameters can be transmitted to the hospital through special equipment, so that they can receive treatment from professionals. This kind of clothes is mainly designed for patients who have experienced symptoms of myocardial infarction or have undergone heart surgery. After wearing this kind of clothes, their physical condition can be monitored by doctors at any time, just to prevent the deterioration of their condition

4 conclusion

interactive packaging technology expands the field of Ding packaging, so that packaging is no longer limited to wrapping products, but should have more functions. The combination of intelligent packaging and innovative design can get higher-grade interactive packaging products. The development of interactive packaging technology has improved the relationship between products and consumers, met the requirements of modern circulation system, enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises, and become the packaging technology with the most development potential at present

(Wen/MA Shuang, School of publishing and printing, Shanghai University of Technology)

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