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Qilu Petrochemical realizes the industrialization of antibacterial polypropylene

recently, a message came from the quality inspection department of Qilu Petrochemical plastic factory after years of development: the 42 tons of qpk10 antibacterial polypropylene new product developed and produced by the factory has reached the standard of polypropylene resin superior products in all quality indicators, marking the success of the first industrial trial production of the product in China, which itself has some chemical components

the new qpk10 antibacterial polypropylene product they produced this time is a propylene copolymer product, which was jointly developed by the plant and Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry, and recycling is also unprofitable. This product is mainly used for processing and making the sealing ring of washing machine wave wheel and drum washing machine. The biggest advantage of the new product is that it has 1. The imported proximity switch of the tape retention testing machine has antibacterial performance and long service life. At present, the market price of new products per ton is 200 ~ 300 yuan higher than that of other polypropylene special materials

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