The hottest Qilu plastic factory is at full power,

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Qilu plastic factory was at full capacity, and its output hit a new high in June

in June, Qilu Petrochemical plastic factory produced 16276 tons of new products and 20285 tons of special materials, with the production ratio of new products and special materials reaching 68.45%, of which the monthly output of new products hit a record high

organize production with the market as the signal

the plastic factory keeps an eye on market changes and continues to optimize and adjust the product structure. In June, high-pressure polyethylene, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and high-density polyethylene were not easy to oxidize and deteriorate in the process of use and storage, and the product benefit was relatively good. The plant actively organized the entry of raw materials into the plant, giving priority to ensuring the high-load production of these three sets of devices, and the output of that month completed 100.41%, 118.90% and 100.09% of the monthly plan respectively. According to the benefits of various brands of products in the linear polyethylene plant, the plant stopped production of dfda7042 products in time and changed to polyethylene new products, which are the external manifestation of a country based on the soft power and hard power required by the international community, dgd6084a and special material dndb7149u, etc. the monthly plant produced 4150 tons of special material and new products, accounting for 98.27% in total

strengthen the connection between production and marketing, and "set production by sales"

the plastic factory actively carries out the production scheduling and docking of polyethylene products with Qilu Company and sales department, and determines the production scheduling plan of polyethylene products in June according to the market demand, product price and the new manufacturing standard gb/t16491 (1) 996 "standard for electronic microcomputer controlled material testing machine", the national standard gb228 (2) 002 "tensile test method of metal materials at room temperature" product task completion progress and so on. Give full play to the role of the new 250000 ton/year high-density polyethylene plant, strive to increase the production of high-density polyethylene special material dgdb2480 and new product dmd1158, and produce 10948 tons of new products and special materials in the new plant in the whole month, accounting for 78.13% in total, hitting a monthly high since the plant was completed and put into operation. After learning the information about the shortage of PE100 pipe materials in North China market in June, the plastic factory overcame the difficulties of dgdb2480 products, which had not been organized for more than three years, and it was difficult to recover. It quickly organized the high-density polyethylene plant to optimize the production plan and prepare for production. On June 9, the stable production of the product was resumed, and a total of 2171 tons of 2480 products were produced in the whole month

technical difficulties set up a "green channel"

in June, the development and production tasks of 1158 and other new products and special materials should be completed. Whether the new high-density polyethylene plant can successfully granulate dmd1158 powder, and whether the new catalyst product qhm22f of high-density polyethylene plant can smoothly switch production is the key link. Dmd1158 product has great difficulty in granulation due to low melt quality flow rate, high hardness, poor fluidity, etc. since the new HDPE device was put into operation, only one trial production has been carried out. In order to ensure the completion of the task of 4000 tons of 1158 pellets in June, the plant organized technical breakthroughs, solved relevant production problems, improved the operation level of the granulation unit of the new device, and successfully produced 4865 tons of 1158 products. In view of the existing "material caking" and other problems caused by unfairness on the surface of some parts during the production of new catalyst products, the plastic factory organized personnel to thoroughly investigate the causes of the problems, further tackle technical problems, and finally ensured the normal production of qhm22f products. On June 12, the polymerization line B of high-density polyethylene unit was successfully switched, and a total of 2958 tons of qhm22f new products were produced in the whole month

market promotion for new products to find "mother-in-law"

polypropylene transparent QPT series new products of plastic factory, which are mainly used to make medical catheters, syringes, various sorting boxes, transparent boxes, etc., and have broad market prospects. In order to do a good job in the market promotion of this product and find a "good mother-in-law" for it, the factory, Qilu Company and sales department held a "Qilu transparent product promotion conference" in Jinan on June 28, introducing the physical characteristics, uses and market prospects of QPT series products to more than 30 dealers and downstream users. The promotion meeting received good results. Many customers immediately decided to purchase qpt93n products, creating conditions for expanding the market share of this series of products

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