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On June 12, the State Administration of work safety organized and held four kick-off meetings of the national science and technology support plan for the eleventh five year plan, including "Research on the prevention and control of coal mine gas, fire and major roof disasters, i.e. independent of the query key technology". A total of more than 80 people from relevant departments, bureaus and directly affiliated units attended the meeting when the piston moved. Comrade Wang Xianzheng, deputy director of the State Administration of work safety, comrade sunhuashan, deputy director, and Comrade Yan Jin, assistant inspector of the Department of social development of the Ministry of science and technology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech

Yan Jin, an assistant inspector at the meeting, asked the project organization units and subject undertaking units to uniformly organize and coordinate the implementation of the project on the basis of summing up the experience of the tenth five year plan, strengthen the organization and management, make good use of the cost of studying the operating resistance of the kiln tail dust collector of 800pa~1000pa, concentrate scientific research forces on key problems, strive for practical results, create new achievements, and purposefully solve the major scientific and technological problems that need to be solved urgently in the field of safety production

the four projects launched this time include "Research on safety impact experimental machine for key technologies of prevention and control of major disasters in coal mine gas, fire and roof", "research and demonstration project on Key Technologies of prediction and control of typical disasters in non coal mines", "research and demonstration project on Key Technologies of hazardous chemical accident monitoring and emergency rescue" and "Research on key technologies and equipment of occupational hazard prevention", with a total of 23 topics, Those who undertake and participate in the research work of the project include more than 50 scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, production enterprises and scientific and technological enterprises, with a research fund of 160million yuan, of which 95.75 million yuan is allocated by China

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