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Zhou Ligong and other top ten enterprises won the title of "China's top ten embedded system enterprises"

recently, at the "Shanghai China International embedded conference" held in Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, the results of the selection of the "Fourth China's top ten embedded system enterprises" were announced, Guangzhou Zhou Ligong, Shenzhen yingbeite, Beijing Huaqing vision Shanghai Jiede microelectronics and other 10 well-known enterprises in the industry were awarded the title of "China's top ten embedded system enterprises"

"China's top ten embedded system enterprises" selection activity is sponsored by China's core scientific and technological journal "electronic products world", which aims to show the style of China's local embedded system enterprises, commend the outstanding ones, and recommend them to China's electronic engineering industry, so as to drive the overall progress and development of the domestic embedded system industry. This activity was strongly supported by the embedded system Professional Committee of the Chinese computer society and the China Semiconductor Industry Association, as well as the enthusiastic participation of friends. The selection of the activity was first discussed and recommended by the expert group and the editorial group, and then the meridians and magazines solicited votes to produce the final results. The ten enterprises selected were jointly recognized by experts and the public

different from previous years, among the award-winning enterprises of this year's "China's top ten embedded system enterprises", a training enterprise, Beijing, appeared for the first time to ensure the normal operation of the experiment itself, Huaqing vision technology information company. In the face of the booming development of embedded industry and service industry in China and the surge in talent demand, talent training has attracted more and more attention. Although colleges and universities pay more attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability than before, this gap can never be filled. Relevant experts pointed out at the 11th "China International Software Expo and China software and Information Service Industry Development Summit Forum" that the talent gap of domestic embedded Linux development will reach 1.2 million in the next five years. Facing the huge gap of embedded talent positions, as well as their good treatment and development prospects, it is inevitable that the training market will continue to be hot

how does an embedded training institution stand out in the fierce selection of many famous embedded electronic product manufacturers? The expert group gave three reasons: "First, since its establishment, Huaqing visionary has been committed to the promotion and popularization of embedded technology. In addition to holding technology popularization lectures nationwide every year, Huaqing visionary has also invested a lot of manpower to publish training materials into books, selflessly dedicating its many years of experience. Over the past few years, more than 20 textbooks have been officially published, and many books have become best sellers in this field. It is conservatively estimated that more than 100000 readers have benefited from it ; Second, Huaqing vision has made outstanding performance in the field of high-end training, and has successively become a long-term 'training service provider' for Siemens, Samsung, Alcatel, Infineon, LG, Motorola and other imported instrument enterprises to arrange public relations and publicize the high cost of the world's top 500 enterprises, leading the domestic embedded high-end training service field; Third, through high-quality training courses and expert teacher teams, its' embedded College 'has continuously sent high-quality qualified talents to the embedded industry and made contributions to promoting the healthy development of China's embedded industry. "

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