Narrow weak vibration in the hottest glass range

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View: the overall trend of the spot market is slowing down, and local areas are affected by the cold air and excessive price differences, resulting in a large price drop. As the positive response of listed companies of warm refractory materials in northern China decreases, the market demand begins to decrease. At this time, some regions will make major adjustments for price reduction and promotion. Recently, the glass sales in shahedi, including other amputee areas, have shown obvious signs of slowing down, and the inventory has increased slightly, the production and sales rate of some enterprises has decreased, and the market is relatively weak due to the lack of strong support. This phenomenon is expected to gradually spread to central China in order to solve this problem, and the overall market expectation is relatively pessimistic. The overall stock market remained low, and the recent decline has converged with the traction of building materials coalification, and the market has eased. However, in terms of strength performance, the confidence of continuous push up is low. It is expected that the recent market will still operate around the narrow range of the interval pattern, and the short-term operation is appropriate

operation suggestions: glass may shock short-term trading

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