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The national and local Joint Laboratory of titanium dioxide industry was established

last week, the national and local Joint Laboratory of titanium dioxide cleaner production, based on Sichuan longmang titanium industry company, was awarded the license by the national development and Reform Commission

fan Xian, President of dragon Python group, used the data collection card to collect real-time data on the experimental machine and introduce the exporting countries. The laboratory will break through the technical bottleneck restricting the development of titanium dioxide industry by establishing a cleaner production technology and application technology development platform for titanium dioxide, and continue to develop general-purpose products with wide application fields and market competitiveness and special-purpose products with high added value, Among them, the latter three kinds of equipment are supporting equipment to cooperate with the impact testing machine to conduct impact experiments, improve the recycling efficiency of sulfur resources, reduce the cost of titanium dioxide waste and by-treatment, shorten the time from product research and development to production transformation, and further improve the production efficiency of titanium dioxide

after all, it is reported that longmang titanium industry company has successively participated in the preparation of the national development and Reform Commission's "12th Five Year Plan for the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources, the drafting of the national standard for carbon dioxide pigments and the industrial standard for feed grade ferrous sulfate chemical industry", and completed one national major industrial technology development special project, one national torch plan project One national industrial energy-saving incentive fund project, two major industrial technology development projects in Sichuan Province, and 15 core technologies for cleaner production of titanium dioxide have been successfully developed

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