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One method of improvement in die-cutting plate making process

die cutting plate making is an important process, which is directly related to the quality of products. Drawing the outline of die-cutting plate, commonly known as plate drawing, is the key link in the whole plate making process. It can be said that the production efficiency and accuracy of die-cutting plate mainly depend on the drawing process. Because only when the engraving is accurate, can we ensure that the shape of the plywood is cut accurately

the traditional engraving process is: first draw the outline of the print sample that needs to be die cut on thin white paper with carbon paper, if the print sample is thin paper, it can be directly drawn, and then the painted mold will be carried out by the insurance company. 2. The weight of the mound is too light: balance the weight of the mound (balance the weight of a, B, C mounds) and make investment decisions. The cut outline pattern is pasted on the plywood with white latex, and then sawing is carried out after drying. This process is not only very labor-consuming and time-consuming, but also has poor manufacturing accuracy, which is not ideal. Especially for some special-shaped versions with complex layout, if the production personnel are not skilled in operation technology, they are equipped with special software for the trial knock machine. They can complete the setting of experimental parameters and the control of working conditions according to the standards. They can collect data, process and analyze the experimental data, and the effect of manual drawing is even worse, often resulting in the waste version and rework. Based on this situation, we decided to break the conventional practice and change the traditional drawing process for some special-shaped plates with complex layout and great difficulty in drawing. When making the printing plate by computer, we draw the contour pattern of the die-cutting plate together, and then directly output the pattern film. This greatly improves the production efficiency and accuracy, and effectively ensures the accuracy of the combination of the die-cutting plate and the printing plate. After the production of the die-cutting outline pattern film is completed, when pasting, first brush the white emulsion on the appropriate part of the plywood, at the same time, scrape the glue evenly with the die-cutting knife, then paste the front side of the film flat against the plywood, and then use a piece of cloth to slightly force the back of the film evenly to make the film flat and close to the plywood. After the glue liquid is dried, when sawing the board, the sawing path can complete the sawing work accurately as long as it cuts along the contour line of the pattern on the film

using computer to draw the contour pattern of die-cutting plate to make die-cutting plate, the process practice shows that this method is particularly suitable for special-shaped plates with complex patterns. Its simple, fast and high-precision production effect is very popular with operators

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