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Investigation and analysis of the development situation of China's machine tool industry in 2012

last month, the European Central Bank held consultations on the issuance of unified bonds in the euro area, but no agreement was reached. European and American stock markets fell sharply that day. Far from showing any signs of slowing down, the European sovereign debt crisis has intensified, and even led to regime changes in Greece, Italy and other countries. The global financial crisis since 2008 has not yet subsided, and the prospects for the world economy are even more uncertain

new situation

ten years after China's entry into the WTO, China's economy has gradually integrated into the global economy, and its external dependence has increased significantly. Any fluctuations in the world economy will have varying degrees of impact on China's economy. At present, the global economic recovery is weak and demand is sluggish. Nevertheless, data shows that the growth rate of China's industrial economy in the first three quarters of this year is still at a high level. Information from the Ministry of industry and information technology shows that the added value of industries above Designated Size in the first three quarters of this year increased by 14.2% year-on-year. There is no problem in achieving the target of increasing the added value of industries above Designated Size by 11% this year. It is expected that the growth rate of China's industrial added value will remain at about 11% next year. However, due to the changes in the economic situation at home and abroad, some new situations and problems have emerged in the operation of China's industrial economy. Firstly, the internal and external demand driving force of industrial growth is weakened; For example, the aforementioned sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the United States continues to ferment, the unemployment rate in developed countries remains high, international demand weakens, domestic policies and measures to encourage fixed asset investment and stimulate consumption gradually withdraw, and the growth rate of domestic investment and consumption also begins to fall. Secondly, it is more difficult for enterprises to produce and operate. Affected by multiple factors such as the financing environment, labor costs, interest rates and exchange rates, the price of energy and raw materials, as well as the problems existing in small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have increased costs, making production and operation more difficult

judging from the situation of the machine tool industry, in the third quarter of this year, new orders in the industry showed a downward trend, and insiders generally took a cautious attitude. Among them, orders for low-end products fell significantly, while orders for heavy and large machine tools fell significantly, especially large heavy machine tools. Most enterprises lowered their market expectations for next year

mountains and rivers are full of doubts, and there is no way out. Although the current world economic outlook is foggy and uncertain factors are increasing, we should also see that there is also a positive side. As Wen Jiabao pointed out during his investigation in Jiangsu last month, "at present, China's economic development momentum is generally good, but it also faces many new situations and problems. We should not only see the favorable conditions and enhance our confidence in development, but also fully estimate the complexity and severity of the situation, be prepared to deal with difficulties and challenges, work hard and make progress while maintaining stability."

In his philosophical work on contradiction, Mao Zedong pointed out that contradiction exists in the development process of everything, and there is a contradiction movement from beginning to end in the development process of everything. Although the decline in demand has led to difficulties in the operation of enterprises, on the other hand, it also brings enterprises time and space to examine the market. What kind of development path is suitable for the development of enterprises themselves, and what kind of products and services are urgently needed by the market? Admittedly, changes in the market will eliminate some enterprises and products that are not suitable for survival, but it frees up more space for more adaptable enterprises and products to develop and extend. It is in this contradictory movement that things spiral up and develop

new ideas

at present, various fields of the national economy are facing industrial restructuring, and some industries and enterprises with high energy consumption, high pollution and low added value are eliminated, replaced by industries and products with high added value, green environmental protection, high scientific and technological content and sustainable development characteristics; The rise of strategic emerging industries indicates a large demand for high-end machine tools. After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's industrial economy has reached a turning point on the road ahead, that is, the previous development road of inefficient and extensive management, at the expense of a large amount of raw materials and energy consumption and the sacrifice of the environment, will not be sustainable. We must take the road of environment-friendly and sustainable development. This changed external environment also has high elongation and toughness, which will bring unprecedented opportunities (of course, there are challenges) to the machine tool industry. It requires us to re-examine all our previous successes and failures, experiences and lessons, and think about the way to survive and develop in the future

in fact, many enterprises in the machine tool industry have begun their new journey. The whole industry has made many achievements in structural adjustment in recent years, and some enterprise structural adjustment is deepening. For example, Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. actively explores management innovation and enterprise structural adjustment, outsources non core businesses, and focuses on improving its core competitiveness on the basis of product structural adjustment. Wuhan heavy machine tool group not only focuses on the product structure adjustment itself, but also significantly adjusts and innovates the marketing mode of products, such as carrying out financial leasing business or providing installment payment business to users through financial institutions, in order to deal with the current financial tension faced by users

in terms of product upgrading and research and development of new products, a large number of machine tool manufacturing enterprises have made great achievements. Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. of Shenyang Machinery Group vigorously develops and produces advanced products with broad market and high technical added value, horizontal boring machining centers represented by th61140 and TH61160, large floor milling and boring machines, which realize the NC of large floor milling and boring machines, all of which achieve 6-axis control, 4-axis linkage 360 ° arbitrary rotation. The successful research and development of a series of high-end products such as the five axis linkage large-scale CNC Floor milling and boring machine not only makes the development of China's large-scale CNC Floor milling and boring machine reach the international advanced level, but also occupies a place in the international market of high-end equipment

for another example, Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. aimed at the contradiction that the domestic compressor industry is developing rapidly, and the processing equipment of key parts is completely dependent on imports, developed precision screw rotor rough and finish processing equipment, solved the bottleneck problem in the development of the industry, and took this as an opportunity to adjust the product structure of the enterprise, extend the industrial chain, and develop its own screw compressor host products

new opportunities

the formation of a new product or industry is often closely related to the changes in the market. For example, the rapid growth of consumer electronic product parts manufacturing such as tablet computers, small precision mold manufacturing, hardware products, furniture manufacturing and other industries has led to the birth of carving and milling machines, which in turn need motorized spindle support. It is reported that now Jiangsu Xingchen, Wuxi Bohua, Anyang laibitai Guangzhou Haozhi and other enterprises can produce different levels of motorized spindles from ordinary level to high-precision level for carving and milling machines, and these enterprises may obtain a broad space for development

striving to develop modern manufacturing service industry is another strategic direction for enterprises to "stand out from the encirclement". Industry experts believe that the manufacturing service industry has become an important part of the upgrading of the world's industrial structure and international industrial transfer. Globally, more and more manufacturing enterprises are extending to the manufacturing service type and to both ends of the industrial chain. For example, Wuhan Huazhong Automatic Control Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Wuzhong group are pilot enterprises of machine tool remanufacture of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In the first 10 months of this year, Huazhong automatic control company received remanufacture orders for 23 sets of heavy and ultra heavy machine tools. Wuzhong group has completed the remanufacture of 16 heavy and ultra heavy machine tools this year, and the annual output value of machine tool remanufacture is expected to reach 100million yuan. The embryonic form of service-oriented enterprises in manufacturing industry is emerging

there are signs that the manufacturing service industry will be a new economic growth point of the manufacturing industry in the future. For example, the world-famous rollsroyce company, as a supplier of aircraft manufacturing enterprises such as Boeing and Airbus, does not directly sell engines to users, but in the form of "rental service time", and promises to undertake all maintenance, repair and services within the rental period of the other party. The company has special personnel stationed at each large airport for repair. The advantage of this is that the company can master a lot of first-hand information about the use of the engine, and strive for perfection in a series of links such as technology, manufacturing process and sales service, while airlines have data display and aircraft manufacturers can also get out and improve their own professional service level, without having to maintain a group of engine maintenance teams. Rolls Royce has expanded its engine maintenance, leasing, data analysis and other services with this kind of operation mode after the anchor nut is casted, which has increased its service-oriented revenue. It is said that the service revenue of the company accounts for more than 55% of its total revenue in recent years. Let's expand our thinking: will the high-end CNC machine tools used by Rolls Royce to process engine parts be maintained by itself? Obviously not, because that is the business of machine tool manufacturers

it is noteworthy that statistics show that 20% of the global multinational manufacturing enterprises' service revenue exceeds 50% of their total revenue

the new situation requires us to have new ideas and formulate corresponding strategies to turn challenges into new opportunities. After the storm, I hope the above brief introduction can bring you help rainbow

(source of this article: China Industry Research)

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