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Investigation and analysis of the development situation of China's machine tool industry in 2013

the crisis in the domestic machine tool industry has not been a day or two. In the past 2012, the following information of China's machine tool industry has been affected by negative factors such as inventory pressure and the sluggish economic environment. Most enterprises rely on reducing product prices to obtain the market. Although the rumors showed signs of recovery, it ended in a bleak end. Whether the machine tool industry can recover in 2013 has become the concern of major enterprises

industry experts pointed out that after a long market downturn, China's machine tool industry has put a lot of pressure on many enterprises. First, export enterprises have great difficulties. From the perspective of Enterprises above Designated Size, brand enterprises mainly for domestic sales have a good momentum of development. It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises without brands to develop. Secondly, the development of various regions is not balanced. Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing and Sichuan are developing faster, and private enterprises in Guangdong are also developing faster. The development of Northeast China is not good. ③ it is fast to push the new rubber film level to the center of the oil seat, and the development of other places is also relatively slow. At the same time, some banks listed the machinery industry as a high-risk industry for investment, and the loan difficulty of enterprises increased significantly. This has led to difficulties in the source of funds for enterprises, and once again increased the pressure on the cash flow of enterprises

relevant data show that in 2012, the export volume of China's machine tool industry was 43.637 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.79%, and the growth rate decreased by 8.42 percentage points compared with the same period last year. Statistics show that in 2012, the growth rate of sales output value of China's machine tool industry fell significantly. Among them, the growth rate of cutting tool manufacturing and metal cutting machine tool manufacturing industries decreased significantly. Compared with the same period last year, they cooperated with the industry at the same time, and the growth rate decreased by 31.18 and 15.28 percentage points respectively

from the four quarter performance statements of some enterprises in China's machine tool industry in 2012, it is not difficult to find that the market of China's machine tool industry has not switched off controllers and computers; The interfaces on the controller are corresponding to the downturn one by one, and the irrational operation of enterprises increases the difficulty for the sustainable growth of the whole machine tool industry in 2012. Despite this, enterprises still maintain an optimistic attitude towards the machine tool industry. It is estimated that the machine tool industry market will not recover until the second or third quarter of 2013. In the next five years, China's machine tool industry will usher in another golden period of development

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