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Investigation and analysis of packaging machinery in Germany, the United States and China

the packaging machine industry has been valued by countries all over the world, and the light of its coverage is unimaginable to thousands of people. Now, the development of packaging machinery has also become one of the primary goals of major industrial manufacturing countries, of which the most prominent is the packaging machine country Germany, which is trying to catch up with the packaging machine of the United States, The biggest development potential is China's packaging machine, which has the world's largest market

United States:

the innovation speed of American packaging machines is world-class. Its earliest packaging industry originated in the early 20th century. After the Second World War, a perfect and independent packaging machinery industry system was gradually established, and its total industrial output value reached 3% of the national economy. According to the investigation and analysis of American industry, the industries that use packaging machines most in the United States are food, household cleaning products, medicine, and household chemicals. Among them, the food industry is the largest customer group of packaging machine enterprises. The annual demand for packaging machines for food and soft drinks accounted for 50% of the total value as early as 2005, while the demand growth rate of packaging machines in the United States from 1994 to 1995 could reach an astonishing 7%. It is precisely because the U.S. Food Industry launches thousands of new products every year, which accelerates the upgrading of packaging machinery. Therefore, the innovation speed of U.S. food packaging machinery has always been the first in the world


compared with the United States and Germany, the development of China's packaging machine is the shortest, only about 30 years of history, but it is the fastest-growing country in the world. It has completed a qualitative transformation when it started late. According to data, China's packaging machinery industry currently maintains an annual growth rate of about 16%, and China has become the world's largest commodity production and export country. Nowadays, there are countless packaging machine enterprises in China, and some small and medium-sized enterprises have no innovation ability. They have introduced the equipment to the market through imitation, resulting in market chaos. Anhui Zhengyuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the largest and most powerful packaging machine enterprise in China, such as four balls. They believe that in order to achieve international first-class yield: the first thing to do is to innovate technology The cultivation of talents and the elimination of imitation can only create a high-tech enterprise in a good environment. This is the case in the packaging machine industry. They are also working towards this goal, and have made certain achievements in deformation and softening at home and abroad, which is the pride of our Chinese packaging machine industry. The main market of China's packaging machines is generally in the middle and low end. It is difficult to see our Chinese equipment in the high-end markets at home and abroad. The main reason is that our own technology is insufficient. Although we have developed rapidly, this is because our local market is huge. If we don't think about making progress, we will sooner or later be swallowed up by foreign enterprises


German packaging machines are world-class in terms of manufacturing process and performance. They have a series of characteristics, such as high-speed complete sets, high automation and good reliability, so that the tension of material testing can be accurate. With the continuous acceleration of new product development, computer simulation technology is widely used in the design of German packaging machines, that is, various machine elements are stored in the computer in the form of database, Then, after digitizing the drawing, input it into the computer. After calculation, the computer can automatically generate a three-dimensional model, and then input all the data and indicators obtained from the actual production and all possible faults. The three-dimensional model of the computer can operate in imitation of the real working situation. The data obtained is the productivity and scrap rate required by the customer, including the matching of all links of the production line, German packaging machine industry is second to none in the world in this respect

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