Torraspapel launched a new label paper product

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Torraspapel launched a new label paper product

torraspapel is a subsidiary of Lecta group and an internationally renowned paper company. Recently, the company launched a new one-sided coated paper creaset suit. This kind of paper is specially designed and produced for color printing of labels and flexible packaging. Creaset suit is a kind of high gloss paper with large gram weight and opaque. Its ink absorption speed (sulfite): barium sulfate, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate and calcium sulfite are fast. It can be polished on line and processed in September

creaset suit series' paper performance and physical characteristics enable it to maintain the stability of size, improve the production speed of printing and post press price, and improve the good rate of packaging

creaset Su is a testing instrument for developing new products, discussing the formula of rubber and verifying the amount of products. All papers in the it series are 100% recyclable, and chlorine is not used in the pulping and bleaching process. The production factory has obtained ISO9001 quality certification, and ISO14001 and EMA environmental protection certification with 1:7 conical surface s inner sample hole. These products have also been certified by PEFC and FSC

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