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Investigation and Analysis on the advantages of inkjet printing equipment with environmental protection in the first place

office printing equipment has always been one of the necessary products for enterprises' daily office work. As it is a necessary product, no matter how the existing office printing equipment is used on October 23, enterprises can't work without them. So are users satisfied with the existing office equipment? Are you looking forward to the birth of printers in the future? A series of surveys have been conducted recently, and senior people in this field will analyze the survey results and data for you, which will be revealed one by one in the near future

according to the survey, 23% of users believe that environmental protection is the advantage of inkjet printing equipment, and 20% of users believe that low cost is the advantage of inkjet printing equipment. In addition, the support rate of large load is 17%, and good stability accounts for 15%, ranking fourth. In addition, the transformation of coal-fired furnace of plastic granulator system by energy consumption has become an important issue to be solved urgently, accounting for 14%, only 6% fast, and only 5% low recognition

from the survey results, environmental protection is the most advantageous option of inkjet printing equipment. From the practical application of products, many users may have found that the inkjet printing equipment adopts nozzle + ink, and the imaging method is completely different from that of laser. Laser needs high temperature fixing, and carbon powder is easy to produce odor under high temperature, Moreover, the toner contains harmful elements. In addition, when the toner leaks, it is easy to pollute the air, while the ink of inkjet printing equipment is relatively environmentally friendly, and it is not easy to produce odor in the printing process

many people may think that it is a little incredible that inkjet printing equipment ranks second. Facts have proved that inkjet printing equipment has begun to develop towards low cost. The low cost can be divided into two parts, the first part is the early purchase cost, and the second part is the later use cost. From the perspective of market conditions, the early purchase cost of inkjet printing is significantly lower than that of laser printing equipment and compound machine. The later use cost is mainly the cost of consumables. At present, inkjet manufacturers mainly including HP, Epson and Canon have begun to reduce the later use cost of consumables, especially the purchase price has been greatly reduced, and the single page cost has been relatively reduced

from the actual survey results and actual situation, the biggest advantage of inkjet printing equipment is that its application is relatively environmentally friendly, and the purchase cost of inkjet printing equipment is relatively low. Although the product load is large, it ranks third, but it has been proved that in commercial office, inkjet printing equipment can be divided into simple beam zigzag experiment and pure zigzag experiment. The load has always been its disadvantage compared with laser, and its stability still needs to undergo the test of the market

reference quotation of HP Officejet j4580: 1100 yuan

HP Officejet j4580 is an inkjet multi-function all-in-one machine integrating printing, copying, scanning and fax functions for small and medium-sized enterprise users. It is a more practical machine

in terms of appearance, HP Officejet j4580 uses the classic combination of black and white, which is quite fashionable. The whole machine is small and saves a lot of office space. The inclined front panel design can facilitate the daily operation of users. At the same time, the key design on the panel is comprehensive and clear, and users can set their own operations. The LCD screen can clearly display the working state, which can guide users to use it well

in terms of performance, HP Officejet j4580 is particularly outstanding in terms of print quality. Its color printing resolution has reached 4800*1200dpi, and the black-and-white printing resolution has reached 600*600dpi. In terms of speed, the same speed of color printing and copying of this product has reached 22ppm, and the same speed of black-and-white printing and copying is 28ppm. In terms of scanning, its resolution has reached the level of 1200 2400dpi, which can provide users with clearer images. In addition, the fax rate of 33.6kbps is relatively mainstream, and the fax rate of 3 seconds/page can fully meet the general office use. It is worth mentioning that it has the functions of sending and receiving faxes completely paperless and filtering junk faxes, and ensures that important faxes will not be missed when the computer is turned off

in terms of consumables, HP Officejet j4580 adopts the combination of 901 black ink cartridge and 901 Tri Color ink cartridge. In addition to the standard ink cartridge, you can also choose a high-capacity ink cartridge. Users can choose a 901xl high-capacity ink cartridge according to the print volume to reduce the printing cost. Among them, the price of 901 standard ink cartridge is about 160 yuan, and the price of 901xl high-capacity ink cartridge is about 210 yuan. At the same time, this all-in-one machine also supports HP PCL 3 GUI, PJL (printer operation language), PML (printer management language), which provides convenience for users' settings. Its body is equipped with a 100 page paper feeder and a 20 page automatic document feeder (ADF)

purchase suggestions:

HP Officejet j4580 has strong strength in text printing, especially in color text output. It can be said that HP Officejet j4580 is a multi-function all-in-one machine with high cost performance, which is very practical for users of small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially in the function of paperless sending and receiving fax, it has been rated as one of the features of practical models. It is suitable for small office users who are very concerned about the quality of text output

Epson me office 650fn reference quotation: 1750 yuan

Epson me office 650fn covers four functions: printing, copying, scanning and faxing. The unique fax mode of scanning before dialing of the machine greatly saves telephone charges. And the machine is equipped with large capacity double black ink as standard, and the design of four-color split ink cartridge comprehensively saves the printing cost. At the same time, the machine can meet the needs of many people at the same time, and effectively improve work efficiency

Epson me office 650fn is mainly in black, which is quite commercial and can be well coordinated with the office environment. The fuselage is moderate in size and will not occupy excess space. Epson me office 650fn adopts a unique double black print head design, which has faster printing speed. In the same way, it can also improve the copying speed. The fastest output of black-and-white documents can reach 38 pages/minute, and the color text is about 12 pages per minute (economic mode)). This design provides users who only print black-and-white documents with extremely efficient printing and copying work. Equipped with a 30 page automatic document feeder, a Chinese LCD screen, and multiple control keys, it can easily realize multi page copying of pages, 25%-400% custom zoom copying and other super functions

the main operation keys of Epson me650fn are located on the front inclined and prominent control panel. The inclined angle and centralized design are more suitable for users to operate independently. The key is divided into several areas, and the power switch is on the left. In addition to symbols and Chinese and English signs, there is also an indicator light to display the status of the power supply. On the right side of the switch is a simple LCD screen that can only display English and digital. The user's operations on the all-in-one machine can be intuitively displayed here. On the lower and right sides of the LCD screen are function selection and setting keys, and tasks that need to be stopped or cancelled are also carried out here

in terms of consumables, Epson me 650fn inkjet all-in-one machine provides users with an economical and scientific four-color split ink cartridge. When one color is used up, only the used ink cartridge needs to be replaced. Genuine black ink is only 49 yuan a piece, and color ink is only 50 yuan a piece. The printing volume of black original ink cartridge is 240 Pages (calculated by 5% coverage), and the printing volume of color original ink cartridge is 550 pages. Thus, it can be calculated that the cost of black single page is 0.20 yuan, and the cost of color single page is 0.27 yuan

purchase suggestions:

Epson me office 650fn, as an all-in-one machine product for small office enterprises, is equipped with professional scanning function, which makes office more relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, the machine can also scan multiple documents at one time and save them separately, which greatly improves the work efficiency. More importantly, the machine adopts the unique double black print head technology, so that its black-and-white printing and copying speed can reach 38 pages/minute, which greatly improves the work efficiency

Canon Tencent PIXMA mx328 reference quotation: 1250 yuan

for start-ups, the high cost performance and economical and practical functions of office equipment are the primary considerations. Canon tengcai PIXMA mx328 can meet the needs of such enterprises in terms of appearance and performance. It is a good choice for both start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises

Canon Tencent PIXMA mx328 has a unique junk fax filtering function. By setting the way of fax reception rejection through the menu, you can filter out those faxes that hide the sender's information, or only receive those faxes registered in the coded speed dial, and you can also filter out the number of frequently sending junk faxes recorded by the user. Through the junk fax filtering function, users can greatly avoid the waste of paper and ink consumption caused by useless faxes, and also provide a strong guarantee for improving work efficiency

Tencent PIXMA mx328, a new multifunctional fax all-in-one machine, another highlight is that it is equipped with fax function and adds a convenient wireless network connection method, making office more free. At the same time, the automatic double-sided printing unit can easily meet the diverse office needs, and make the business output more economical and environmental friendly by reducing paper consumption

Tencent PIXMA mx328 this new multifunctional fax all-in-one machine brings small and medium-sized enterprises an efficient and convenient business office environment, and makes printing, copying, scanning and fax functions at your fingertips. The machine adopts Canon's cutting-edge fine print head technology, high-density multi nozzle print head, with a maximum resolution of 4800dpi and a minimum ink drop of 2 microliters, which can achieve the effect of photo quality, making the machine not only a text output center, but also a photo output device

in terms of copying, the mx328 uses Canon DCG copy technology, which can obtain the copy effect of faithfully restoring the original. It can easily understand the original information after multiple copies, and the fine integrated ink box is used. Users can mix and match the color and black ink boxes according to the characteristics of their output documents, which can save costs more

in terms of consumables, the standard model of Canon PIXMA mx328 is pg-810 black/cl-811 color ink cartridge. From the perspective of cost reduction, economy and practicality, users can also choose pg-810xl black and cl-811xl color high-capacity ink cartridges provided by canon. At present, 810 ink cartridges and 811 ink cartridges are not compatible and can be purchased. If users need to reduce the cost of later printing, they can use ink filling, but the disadvantage of ink filling is that it is easy to leak ink

purchase suggestions:

Canon tengcai PIXMA mx328 this multifunctional fax all-in-one machine has rich functions and excellent performance, 1.8-inch Chinese LCD operation interface, large capacity automatic document feeder and new garbage prevention fax function. In addition, the machine can also process color photos. It has high practicability, helping users simplify operations, improve office efficiency, save office expenses, and meet the business office needs of small and medium-sized enterprises

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