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Konova family adds new members

recently, konova cooperated with squid ink in the United States to grandly launch a new large character inkjet printer sq/2 in the domestic market. The product is exquisite, compact, simple and light, and can realize high-quality and low-cost printing on various product surfaces. Users can choose the appropriate spray printing method according to the actual needs of the enterprise. For example, spray on the surface of corrugated boxes, paper or wood and other porous materials to greatly improve the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials. Users can choose the water-based spray printing system; In plastic, film, metal, glass and other non porous material surface printing, users can choose ketone based printing system

sq/2 adopts a unique microporous patented technology, without the use of high-cost hydraulic valve, which can ensure smooth ink flow in the system without blocking. Compared with other inkjet printers using high-cost hydraulic valves, sq/2 greatly reduces the cost in manufacturing and maintenance

sq/2 is designed with full reference to industrial requirements from the outside to the inside. The stainless steel shell can ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment in harsh environments. Even if the machine breaks down, it can be repaired in a very short time. The installation and replacement of nozzle, PC card and air pump are also very simple, which can be completed by users themselves. This greatly reduces the production delay time caused by machine failure. It used squid ink to praise the patent ink sq-60tm smooth ink of the company that the African Union issued agenda 2063. Lihongwei, general manager of tetO (Qingdao) tire technology Co., Ltd., said that the nozzle was kept for a long time without cleaning, which greatly reduced the maintenance cost and cooperated with the vehicle manufacturer

sq/2 large character inkjet printer adds to the blank of konova family large character inkjet printer, further consolidates konova's leading position in the domestic inkjet printer market, and enriches users' multiple choices for inkjet printing needs. (end)

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