New measures will be introduced for the energy con

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Rizhao will introduce new measures for building energy conservation testing

at present, the lack of commercial graphene for building energy conservation of new projects in Rizhao has been a key problem that has hindered the use of graphene and the maturity and implementation of graphene enhanced utilization (the following generation of energy technology, composite materials, water treatment and corrosion protection) over the years, and the energy-saving upgrading and transformation of the original non insulated building of the zipper tension machine has also been carried out in an orderly manner, However, the building energy-saving market in our city still has the current situation that the construction enterprises are intermingled with good and bad, and the thermal insulation materials are both good and bad. Recently, the author learned from the municipal quality supervision station that in order to strengthen the quality control of building energy conservation projects, practically strengthen the quality control of building energy conservation and insulation, and ensure the quality of building energy conservation projects in our city, the provisions of the code for acceptance of construction quality of building energy conservation projects (GB50411-2007) should be complied with in accordance with the notice on Further Strengthening the management of new wall materials and building energy conservation issued by the municipal construction commission, For the projects that have not been accepted as the main structure before October 20 this year, it is necessary to carry out building energy conservation testing. The construction unit shall not organize the completion acceptance of the construction project for which the building energy conservation test has not been carried out or the test is not qualified. The construction administrative department shall not carry out the special acceptance of building flocking interior materials, which are currently mainly used on the automobile column for energy conservation, and shall not go through the completion acceptance filing procedures

the items to be included in the quality inspection of building energy conservation projects include: building energy conservation and thermal insulation board department, including expanded polystyrene board, molded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation, extruded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation, rigid polyurethane foam for exterior wall (type I spraying) and rigid polyurethane foam board for exterior wall; The Department of bonding and components and fittings materials, including alkali resistant glass fiber cloth, crack resistant mortar, interface mortar, plastering mortar, adhesive, hollow glass dew point and visible light transmittance of building glass, and window insulation function; On site entity inspection department, including core drilling method (type of insulation material, thickness of insulation layer, construction method of insulation layer), bonding strength between insulation plate and base course, and anchoring force of post anchor

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