New member of the hottest Fangyuan group fy5070zyd

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New member of Fangyuan group fy5070zyd compressed garbage truck

new member of Fangyuan group fy5070zyd compressed garbage truck

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recently, Fangyuan fy5070zyd compressed garbage truck came out, adding new members to the product family of Fangyuan group. Fangyuan fy5070zyd compression garbage truck is a new generation of post loading compression garbage truck designed by the technical center of Fangyuan group and produced by Haiyang Frank company of Fangyuan group. The car has exquisite and beautiful appearance, excellent performance and advanced operation control. It adopts post loading compression and two-way compression technology to complete the collection and transfer of urban domestic waste. The loading capacity can reach more than 2900kg, and the compression ratio can reach more than 1:2.5. Its comprehensive performance can reach the advanced level of domestic similar products. The chassis is refitted and produced by Jianghuai Weiling automobile chassis with a total mass of 7 tons. The engine power output control is fully automatic through the electronic throttle controller to ensure that the garbage truck can automatically select the acceleration and idling state under its operating state. The emission standard sends these digital quantities to the computer through a specific interface circuit to meet the National IV standard. It is mainly applicable to the collection and transportation of barreled, bagged and bulk domestic garbage in urban residential areas, communities, large factories and mines, government institutions and colleges, and old urban areas in narrow streets. There are a variety of bucket turning (bucket) mechanisms to meet the needs of different users in garbage collection methods

the garbage cans, shovels and shovels of the main components are made of high-quality high-strength manganese steel. The main components of the garbage cans, shovels and shovels are made of high-strength manganese steel, with firm structure, light weight, high stiffness and good strength. One layer of epoxy antirust primer and two layers of epoxy enamel finish are used for surface corrosion prevention. It can effectively resist the corrosion of acid and alkali substances in various domestic wastes

the appearance is beautiful and generous. The front end of the dustbin is semi sealed, and the rear end has a complete frame. Both sides and the top surface are arc shaped. The structure is reasonable, and the whole machine looks beautiful and generous

safe and reliable, advanced hydraulic lifting safety circuit is adopted. The principle is that a one-way balance valve is set on the lifting cylinder in the hydraulic system. The valve cuts off the direct connection between the lifting oil cylinder and the hydraulic hose. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the filler will not suddenly fall down, causing some people in Shanxi to call me crazy. The construction of Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new material project in the aluminum industrial park has become a vicious accident, improving the safety of use

strong loading capacity, bidirectional compression technology is adopted, the compression ratio can reach more than 1:2.5, and the domestic waste can reach more than 600 ~ 800kg/m3 after compression

good sealing between the dustbin and the filler. The dustbin and the filler are sealed with special rubber strips, which has good sealing and eliminates secondary pollution

the core of the electro-hydraulic combined control hydraulic system is the split multi-channel directional valve with manual lever and electro-hydraulic double action, which can be loaded manually or automatically with the cooperation of the electrical system. The bulldozer cylinder is equipped with a bulldozer valve, which can control the retraction speed of the bulldozer according to the compression degree of the garbage in the box. Using the advantages of electric control and hydraulic control, through control conversion, the accurate and reliable action of each mechanism is ensured, and the reliability and efficiency of use are improved

automatic control of engine power output engine power output control means that the throttle control is fully automatic through the electronic throttle controller, so as to ensure that the engine can automatically select the acceleration and idling state under each operating state of the garbage truck, avoiding power loss and system heating, reducing fuel consumption and good economy

the advanced electric control system adopts imported PLC (programmable logic controller) integrated control. The control circuit is generated in the PLC, and the logic circuit is used to ensure that all operation instructions are executed in sequence. There is only line connection outside, which reduces the failure rate, avoids accidents caused by misoperation, and improves the reliability; The specially set emergency brake button can stop the garbage filling device in any state or at any position to ensure the safety of operators and equipment

convenient operation control operation control boxes are installed in the cab and at the rear of the vehicle respectively. The operation control box in the cab can control the pushing and unloading. The operation control box 15 at the rear of the vehicle and the materials for 3D printing control the operation of the filling mechanism and the bucket lifting mechanism. It is very convenient to use and operate; Especially in the landfill site, operators can complete unloading without getting off the vehicle

high quality imported components. The key components of the electrical and hydraulic systems are imported components, such as PLC programmable controller, proximity switch, operation button, oil cylinder seal, etc., which improve the reliability of the garbage truck

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